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Declaration of World Poetry Movement in Solidarity with Palestinian People

World Poetry Movement
Monday 14 July 2014

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“Man of my time
You are still that one of slingshot and stone”
Salvatore Quasimodo

May we ask: Genocide once again? Or: it is again Sabra and Shatila? Maybe it is even worst: all this is the ongoing of genocide, some kind of Sabra and Shatila that never ends. Hasn’t be enough of tolls, seals, barbed wire, walls that would remember the great genocide of XX Century?

They have transformed Palestine in a ghetto: What follows is extermination, the Final Solution? What was finished in 1944 and what had begun in 1948?

We cannot admit it; we reject the silence face to the ongoing of an aggression that we do not accept as unending.

While World Poetry Movement brings forward 500 global actions for Global Peace in more than 50 countries of the Planet this month of July, the State of Israel call up 40,000 reservists in order to persuade them kills the Palestinian people.

“And that blood smells alike to that one of the day when the brother
Told the other brother: Let’s go to the field”

No more! The World Poetry Movement reject and repudiate this new but ancient aggression against Palestinian People, and convokes in a yearn and forthright way to speak out for the peace of the World.

Coordinating Committee of World Poetry Movement

Rati Saxena, poet and director of International Poetry Festival of Krytia, India.
Lello Vocce, poet and director of Absolut Poetry, Italy.
Jack Hirsman, poet and director, San Francisco International poetry festival, United States.
Renato Sandoval, poet and director of International Poetry Festival of Lima, Peru.
Fernando Rendón, poet and director of Medellin International Poetry Festival, Alternative Nobel Prize 2006, Colombia.
Gabriel Impaglione, poet and coordinator of Poetry Festival Palabra en el Mundo, Argentina/Italy.
Yuri Zambrano, poet and director of World Poetry Festival, Mexico.
Hannan Awwad, poet and president Pen Club, Palestine.
Juan Manuel Roca, poet, Colombia.
Nechi Dorad, poet, Argentina.
Marko Pogacar, poet and director of Goranovo Proljece, Croacia.
Sergio Iagulli & Raffaella Marzano, directors of Casa della poesía, Baronissi/ Salerno, Italy.
Bernard Nöel, poet, France.
Tahar Bekri, poet, Tunisia.
C.K. Stead, poet, New Zealand.
Mohammed Bennmis, poet, Morocco.
Alhaji Papa Susso, poet, griot and musician, Gambia.
Satoko Tamura, poet, Japan.
Maram al Masri, poet, Syria.
Nicole Cage Florentiny, poet, Martinica, Casa de las Américas Prize.
Quinsy Gario, activist and performer, Curazao.
Ersi Sotiropoulos, poet, Greece.
Janak Sapkota, poet, Nepal.
Sendoo Hadaa, poet, Mongolia.
Kamran Mir Hazar, poet, Afghanistan.
Koulsy Lamko, poet, Tchad.
Gertrude Fester, feminist activist, educator, poet and writer, South Africa/Rwanda.
Thór Stefánsson, poet, Iceland.
Christina Pacosz, poet, United States.
Bassem Al-Meraiby, poet, Iraq.
Neeli Cherkovski, poet, United States.
Hilde Susan Jaegtnes, poet Norway/United States.
Zohra Abdul Hamid, poet, United Kingdom.
François Szabo, poet, France.
Gabriel Rosenstock, poet, Ireland.
Fahredin Shehu, poet, writer, translator, painter, Kosovo.
Adnan Özer, poet, Turkey.
Richard Olafson, publisher, writer and poet, Canada.
Ioana Trica, poet, Romania.
Colette Leinman, poet, Israel.
Mark Lipman, poet, United States.
Howard Fergus, poet, Montserrat.
Juan Camilo Cortés, writer and painter, Colombia.
Pedro Valle, poet, El Salvador.
Yassimar Alvarez, writer and social activist, Colombia.
Andrea Echeverri, sociologist, Colombia.
Gabriel Jaime Franco, poet, Colombia.
Jairo Guzmán, poet, Colombia.
Rafael Patiño, poet, Colombia.
Rafael Quiroz, painter , Colombia.
Gloria Chvatal, painter, Colombia.
Tatiana Mejía, poet, Colombia.
Marta Speroni, internationalist militant, Argentina.
Mercedes Venturino, Argentina.
Marcela Vieira, Argentina.
Gustavo Robles, journalist, Argentina
Aldo Luis Novelli, poet, writer, essayist, Argentina.
Alejandro Jusim, troubadour and poet, Argentina.
María Angélica Nassi Hanoi, Argentina.
Betty Tarín, poet, Argentina.
Hugo Milito, Argentina.
Elba Ferenesa, Argentina.
Kikita Aguilera, Argentina.
Mariana Villar, poet, Argentina.
AA Artesanías Argentinas.
Dámaso Manuel Martínez, poet, Argentina.
Cristina Castello, poet and journalist, France.
Andre Chenet, poet, France.
Óscar Cortés Tapia, poet, president of correspondent, Seminario de Cultura Mexicana en Chilpancingo, Mexico.
Dámaso Manuel Martínez, poet, Argentina.
Estela Pereyra, leader of PRT, Argentina.
Eduardo Fuentes, Chile.
Liliana Farina, poet, Argentina.
Sabina Salinas, Chile.
Josenise Almeida, Brazil.
Christian Espinoza, poet, Argentina.
Santiago B. Villafania, poet, Philippines.
Pedro Arturo Estrada, poet, Colombia.
Ángel Herrera Díaz , social activist, pro animal rights, defender DD.HH, Colombia.
Oriana Herrera, writer, Colombia.
Jairo Hernández, professor of English, Colombia.
Jorge Marel, poet, Colombia.
Erik Arellana Bautista, defender of Human Rights, Colombia.
Pedro Valle, poet, El Salvador.
Murialdo Chicaiza, poet, Ecuador.
Marysol Salval, Chile.
Diana Bustamante Montoro, museologist, Peru.
Ivonne Montecinos, Chile.
Polacos Club, Colombia.
Erika Diaz Aragunde, Argentina.
Tripti Mishra, poet, India.
Ikraam Rajasthani, poet and writer film, India.
Lola Koundakjian, poet, Armenia.
Dorothy Payne, poet, United States.
Beatriz Ortega, audiovisual communicator, Colombia.
Hemant Divate, poet, India.
Novella Torregiani, poet, Italy.
Fernando Linero, poeta, Colombia.
Luz María López, poet and Conflict Resolution Mediator, Member of the World Festival of Poetry, USA President for the International Hispanic Union of Writers (UHE), Puerto Rico.
Maria Elena Mesa Mejia, Sunday Poetry, Canada.
Kathryn Kennedy Kent, writer, former journalist, Canada.
Annamaria Giannini, poet, Italy.
Norys Saavedra Sánchez, poet, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
Eugenia Cabral, escritora, Argentina.
Marcela Royo Lira, escritora, Chile.
Abrigliasciolta Segnali Di Libro, Italy.
Jaime Echeverri, writer, Colombia.
Carlos Bordini, poet, Italia.
Giovanna Mulas, writer, Italia.
Eddy Rafael Pérez, poet, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
Bibiana Bernal, poet, Colombia.
Annalisa Melandri, journalist and defender of human rights, Italy.
Horacio Benavides, poet, Colombia.
Isabel López Obando, artista and cultural promoter, Colombia.
Nina Reis, poet, Brazil.
Roberto Bianchi, poet, Uruguay.
Maria Isabel Bugnon, poet, PCSUR and coordinator of Festival Palabra en el Mundo, Santa Fe, Argentina.
Hugo Salas Sanhueza, poet and writer, Chile
Mónica Mares (Mónica Tapia Espinoza), poet ans Singer, Chile.
Fernando Wenger, journalist, Chile.
Raúl Pérez Arias, Argentina.
Juan Carlos Sánchez, profesor and journalist, Argentina.
Norton Robledo, poet, Chile-Suecia.
Oscar Luis Ferreira, political leader, Argentina.
Aline de Castro Neves Vieira, militant of Red por Ti América, Brazil.
Friends of Red por Ti América, Brazil.
Marcia Infante. Red por Ti América, Brazil.
María Margarita Jouve, Writers of Left, Argentina.
Alicia Susana Gómez, writer and professor, Argentina.
Nancy Ruíz, Social militant, Argentina.
Oscar Alfredo Di Vincensi, militante social, Argentina
Silvina Moreno, Argentina.
Elida Doris Werner, Argentina.
Rubén Sacchi, poet, Argentina.
Marianela Puebla, poet and writer, Chile.
Graciela Amalfi, writer, Argentina.
Beatriz Palmieri, visual artist, Argentina.
Patricia Fade Crespo, Argentina.
Mónica Lucia Bruce, Argentina.
Javier Narvaez Herrero, Argentina.
Alejandra Baigorria, Argentina.
Alba Minerva Miri, Argentina.

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