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Protest against Hazara Kidnapping in Afghanistan

Zafar Shayan
Sunday 22 March 2015

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Kayseri, Turkey: Dozens of Afghanistani university students and refugees have staged a protest on Sunday condemning the recent kidnapping of the Hazara passengers in Zabul, Ghazni and Farah provinces of Afghanistan. The protestors say that, the roads to the central parts of Afghanistan, especially Kabul – Kandahar highway, are the most unsecured places where many people, mostly Hazaras, are being beheaded, kidnapped and targeted by the Taliban. According to the constitution of Afghanistan, the government is responsible to ensure the security of all citizens.

On Feb 24, 2015, two buses heading from southern province of Kandahar to the capital city Kabul were stopped by the Taliban. Taliban identified 31 Hazara ethnic origin men, and abducted them in Zabul province. 27 days passed since the Hazara passengers are kidnapped; the government has not seriously paid attention to this abduction. In addition, one Hazara in Ghazni and six Hazaras in Farah have been kidnapped in recent days.

The protestors condemn the hostage-taking, and call the government to take serious action releasing the hostages as soon as possible. They also ask MPs, political parties and civil society to raise their voice against Hazara kidnapping.

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