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Weaving scarf for her lover

Ten short poems by Dr. Hafizullah Shariati

Sunday 17 May 2015

Dr. Hafizullah Shariati is one of the Hazara prominent poets, researchers and journalists. He was born in 1978 in Jaghori district of Ghazni, Afghanistan. Dr. Hafizullah Shariati has published several titles including poetry and research books. He lives in Kabul now.


Clouds cover the face of the moon
to prevent interrupting your silence


You wear your cloths
Poor clothes hanger


A child passed with his kite
I am turning seven.


Moon is like a girl
the whole night
weaving scarf for her lover


Keep me awake
before the sleep invades my eyelids
a nightmare is up to ambush my golden dreams


Cold winter attacks
eliminating the aroma of the grain field
cacti are grimacing
and saying good morning to the flowers.


When you laugh
almond trees come into bloom


Sky carries the body of the sun
when sunset starts


War is like a black veil
women wear it inside their bridal chamber


Because of the shame
spring passes with closed eyes
Kabul tress are burned

Translated from Dari/Hazaragi to English by Kamran Mir Hazar

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Home > English > World Poetry in Kabul Press > Weaving scarf for her lover

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