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Afghanistan’s Sky

Thursday 13 July 2017, by Lee Kuei-shien, Taiwan

The snow falling on Afghanistan’s land
covers over dirty bloods.
The land explodes to cracking wounds.
The sky has not wept for quite a long time
even Allah has none of a single sigh.
Then, let us go to fly a kit
taking off this sad land
up to heaven.
In Taipei
we even have not a little bit of sky
and can only fly within our mind.


Photo taken by poet Kamran Mir Hazar

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Lee Kuei-shien(b. 1937)was the chairman of National Culture and Arts Foundation, currently is the Vice President for Asia in Movimiento Poetas del Mumdo(PPdM). He has published more than 20 books of poetry, his poems have been translated and published in Japan, Korea, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Romania, India, Greece, USA, Spain, Brazil, Mongolia, Russia, Latvia, Cuba, Chile, Nicaragua, Bangladesh, Macedonia, Turkey Poland, Serbia, Portugal, Malaysia and Italy, awarded with a number of honors, including most recently Kathak Literary Award of Bangladesh(2016), Literary Prize "Naim Frashëri" of Macedonia(2016), "Trilce de Oro" of Peru(2017).

Home > English > World Poetry in Kabul Press > Afghanistan’s Sky

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