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Terrorists Gained Access to Facebook Account of Activist after Beheading Him

Kabul Press - News
Friday 6 September 2019

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Kabul Press: Friends of human rights defender Abdul Samad Amiri who was abducted and beheaded by Pashtun Taliban reported that terrorists gained access to the victim’s cellphone and social account including Facebook. The screenshots posted by Amiri’s friends show that his Facebook messenger was active for several hours after his abduction and beheading. His friends reported the account to Facebook, and now, Facebook has set the account to a memorialized account.
Abdul Samad Amiri was Hazara, one of the most prosecuted peoples in the world. He was the head of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission’s acting director in Ghor province. On September 4, Pashtun Taliban abducted and beheaded him in Jalriz. Amnesty International released a letter about this tragic incident and called it a war crime.

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