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Is it Necessary to be Nasty to Fix the Sewerage Pipes

For Robert Mugabe Feb. 21, 1924 – Sept. 6, 2019
Obediah Michael Smith
Saturday 7 September 2019

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old as he was
how surprising it was
to hear he has died

end of a life, end of a time
a long life, a long time

a life of dissent
to say, I object and not care
who he offended takes courage

to live and be
unpopular with so many
in so many constituencies

in the powerful countries
of the world

to be as stubborn as that,
as Fidel Castro, as Lee Kuan Yu

it cost him, his country,
his people economically,
it cost his country its currency

when it came to be worthless
it was replaced, at one time
with South African Rands
and after with dollars of the USA

what conviction, how tenacious
that he seemed not to be affected
by embarrassment nor humiliation

he believed in himself, in his stance
he would if he could, singlehandedly,

break the back
of the idea of white superiority

he was not going to be one
to bow down to it
to genuflect, to accept

it was equality that
he wanted established,
restored, that he wanted to bring about

without waiting centuries
for people of Africa and of
African descent to evolve

his life, a revolution even if of one

he’d be an upheaval
like when/like what
nature throws up

without caring what was spat or spewed
or what or who was crushed
in the rage, in the wave
or when earth opens up

what can be achieved
when our aim
is to be nice, to be liked

when these govern
our decisions, our actions

oh, the beauty that follows after
or that is attached to disaster

the cataclysm that resulted
in what is now Victoria Falls

how phenomenal, how awesome
and with what power

nature spreads its wings
and commences to fly

all the planets in the universe in orbit

in our short lives, fewer usually
than 100 years to live,

leaves little or no time
to be nice, to be liked, to be shy

© Obediah Michael smith, 2019
circa 12:45 PM Friday 6.9.19

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