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Letter from Afghanistan: Al-Qaeda is a corruption of Islam

Barbaric bombings are a profanity.
Sh. Mahmood Mahmood
Thursday 11 February 2010

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It is undoubtedly wrong to say that all Muslims are affiliated with barbaric gangs. Despite the hard facts of Al Qaeda and the Taliban’s criminal actions in Islamic countries and elsewhere, some people are ignoring that these are terrorist organizations— corruptions of Islam— and should not be seen as representative of the Muslim faith. All Muslims are witness to the crimes committed in the name of Islam against both Muslims and non-Muslims. If someone considers him or herself Muslim, it is by his or her own choice. The actions of fundamentalist terrorist groups have reflected negatively upon standard practicing Muslims.

Terrorist actions in the name of any religion have falsely been associated with Islamic extremism—it doesn’t matter if these crimes have been committed by Al Qaeda and the Taliban, Israelis, or by the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. People all over the world condemn the situation in Israel and the atrocities committed by Al Qaeda and the Taliban against Muslims.
If we consider the actions of both the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and the factors that caused their genesis, we can conclude that the objectives of these groups have the same root. Some people contend that no one can define terrorism, but why can we not?

According to the holy Qur’an, everything is clear if we refer to the Qur’an and apply it to our daily lives. Who can disprove that Al Qaeda and the Taliban are terrorist groups? Who can deny that they are extremist successors of the Khawarege sect, which existed during the 1st century of Islam? What is the difference between modern-day Islamic terrorist groups and Khawarege? If we look at the history of Islam, the only difference between these extremists and the Khawarege is time—they have the same intentions and objectives. These groups want to divert Islam from a straight track by imposing their own tainted ideas.

We must not link the barbaric actions and profanity of Al Qaeda and the Taliban to Islam. Those who commit crimes in the name of Islam are in fact separated and excluded from the framework of Islam and seen by Muslims as extremists. It is the responsibility of all Islamic societies to get rid of this evil. Islam is a moderate religion for the spiritual guidance of humans; no extremist groups are within the normal Muslim practice.

Article edited by Emily Withers.

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  • well man if you take back all this m ** f ** Yankee to there home . every things well be change and no one going tp stand for fight against any other . as far as American put there boot in other field for peace business then you have to warped back too . this is not a religion war . there’s a war going on for freedom from hand of American Yankee and he is mom boy soldier . so get back to your cave and hole and late people enjoy there life , is it sample as this if you kill one of my family i kill all your family . this is your culture an according to your culture your shot every where .

    • good for you. you are right even though the translation was very poor. keep on using that brain you have: because it works. of course Moslems don’t just attack anybody because they are/are not a moslem. They are defending themselves against invaders and enemies that have contempt and no respect for them. I ought to know that. I have lived there and in Iran and know just what a hateful and low opinion rich americans have against moslems and people who live in "dirt" houses or are in any way "different". defend yourself and do what you have to. I live in America and as a woman have to defend myself against oppression every day of my life.

  • Al Qaeda did not invent terrorism. Being middle-aged, I remember such terrorist organizations before al Qaeda, such as the Red Brigade, SLA and Shining Path. Terrorism has existed since people found out they could use the fear of random victimization to acheive their political and religious goals. It’s about controlling other people. Terrorists are criminals and don’t deserve the honor of being considered and enemy combatants.

    Religious and philosophical extremists of any faith lack the understanding that spiritual growth comes from mastering onself and not imposing restrictions on others to prevent one from confronting his own weakness. Christianity went through a similar crisis of identity and violent upheavals among its believers at about the same age since its revelation; about 1400 years or so. Extremism doesn’t go away easily, but it can be marginalized by the common sense, devout mainstream.

  • I surely am not allowed to say, but will attempt to do so on ’Freedom of Speech’ Kabul Press?. Not intending to offend anyone, but as long as Muslims are in state of denial, as is the writer of this article, of the root causes for jihadis, also ’good Muslims’ cannot solve this world-wide problem.

    Why, I must say that Koran does demand ’jihad to defend the faith’ confirmed with this sentence ’Muslims are not allowed to murder - innocent - people’ but ’jihad’ concerns ’guilty enemies of Islam’, wherein violence is preached against ’the infidel’ and not only for christians but why christians are discriminated against in all Islamic countries to murdered under ’sharia’ as in Pakistan under the ’Black Balsphemy Laws’ are still the victims of Muslims:


    Furthermore Taliban madrassahs teach Koran and there thousands of Muslim boys are taught ’jihad’ and to hate the West - 12 years madrassa boy in Pakistan ’I am going to murder infidels’ still in Taliban Koran madrassahs everywhere not only in Pakistan.

    That millions of other Muslims do not follow the ’jihad path’ like Bin Laden, Mullah Omar, Talibans, suicide bombers, terrorists attacks, does not mean that their ’cause and effect’ is inspired by and instructed by Koran and hadiths.

    Well, admirable Kabul Press ’Freedom Fighters’ for Afghanistan, are you principled enough to stand behind your Credo ’Free Press, Free Speech’ also in terms of criticism of ’the holy book’ that condemned Parvesh Kambaksh to death for ’blasphemy’, condemned and condemns other writers to death under ’sharia holy’ linked to Koran?

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