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‪Bring back 31 Hazaras

Basir Ahang
Tuesday 7 April 2015

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More than 40 days ago 31 Hazara passangers have been kidnapped from two vehicles on a highway in Zabul province while they were travelling from Kandahar to Kabul. Their families are living weeks of anguish waiting for their return. Everyone knows who is the responsible even if the government denied the Taliban involvement in the kidnapping, due to the “peace talks” with these criminals. Speaking during his first visit to Washington, yesterday President Ashraf Ghani said peace with the Taliban is essential and that he does not know how to say sorry to the members of Taliban who were imprisoned by mistake. Since two weeks go we have started a campaign with the hashtag #bringback31Hazaras.
To spread the voice and ask to the government to intervene we decided to create a sort of challenge: if you decide to publish a photo with the hash-tag, you can also challenge ten Facebook friends (or even less) to do the same. Senior government officials know where the kidnapped people are and they know also who are the responsible. The lack of interest is due to a political strategy intended on reintegrate Taliban members in the government.
For these reasons we address to them our imperative: “bring back the 31 Hazaras!”
1- Pamela Curr human rights activist Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
2- Imogen Bailey Actress and Model Sydney, Australia
3- John Denham House of Commons Southampton, United Kingdom
4- Julian Burnside human rights and refugee advocate Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
5- Rowenna Davis journalist uk
6- Catherine Deveny Writer, comedian, social commentator Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
7- Frederika Steen Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
8- Joshua Evangelista journalist and human rights activist, Roma Italy
9- Beppe Costa poet novelist and publisher, Roma Italy
10- Andrea Garbin poet Writer and Playwright, Lombardy Italy
11- Kamran Mir Hazar poet, journalist and human rights activist Oslo Norway
12- Alessandra Montesanto journalist and human rights activist Milan Italy
13- Aliye Yılmaz University professor in Ankara Turkey
14-دکتر حفیظ شریعتی سحر poet Writer and University professor in Kabul
15- Ruhullah Frogh University professor in Bamiyan and chief of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission in Bamiyan


Posted by Kabul Press on Thursday, August 7, 2014

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