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Hypocrite Politician Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and Know Killer Abdul Rashid Dostum

Thursday 10 October 2013

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Four years ago, it was tai-wearing Taliban Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, criticizing Karzai, why he has welcomed know killer Abdul Rashid Dostum to endorse his re-election bid. Ahmadzai named Dostum as criminal and killer in his two articles on his official website. Now, after four years, Dostum is the First Vice President candidate on the ticket of Ahmadzai. Two articles written by Ashraf Ghani have been removed from his official website, but you can have access them via http://web.archive.org.

Ahmadzai was in Karzai cabinet for several years, then turned side, and became his critique during the previous presidential election in 2009. After that election, he joined Karzai again and worked with him closely for four years. Now, it’s upcoming election, and again, Ahmadzai has turned side and becomes a critique of Hamid Karzai.


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  • Whoever has written this piece, should at least reconsider their language if not the facts. The grammar is ridden with mistakes and the word choice is out of place. It’s an insult to language and journalism. I think the level of professionalism of this right wing paper is very low. If you continue to allow the publishing of such cheap, meaningless and totally ill-written articles, I guess you have no future.

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