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Who should govern: Communists, Mujaheddin or Westerners?

Commentary by Ahmad Khalid, Member of Afghanistan Union of Attorneys
احمد خالد
Tuesday 26 August 2008

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Afghanistan has been invaded by world super powers like Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States at different times in its history. Its geo-politicical location and untapped uranium resources are key factors in Afghanistan’s invasions and crises. Looking at the last three decades one can divide its political situation and crises into following periods. Afghan-USSR war, Civil War, and Taliban & post Taliban).
Afghanistan was the main target of the USSR because it was the only shortcut to a warm water port.

Afghanistan was the only country that showed a strong resistance against its incursions. Defeating Soviet-Russia in Afghanistan was one of the major causes of communism’s collapse in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The out come of USSR–Afghan war was the freedom of Afghanistan and collapse of communism. Almost every Afghan fought for his country and freedom, leaving millions of deaths, migrations, disabilities and destruction of the country.

The political scenario was quite transparent and clear. Following the principal of "enemy of our enemy is our friend" Afghans considered the West to be their as friends. They financially and materially helped Afghanistan but history witnesses that the victory against the USSR goes to Afghans. The Afghan freedom fighters are known as Mujaheddin.

The vctory of Mujaheddin was good news to all humanitarians especially Afghans, but unfortunately the situation didn’t go as hoped. All the financial supporters who were considered friends of Afghanistan stopped supporting and started hampering. Perhaps fearful of a united Afghanistan, the West followed the "divide and rule" policy. It succeeded, and the Mujaheddin failed to form a powerful national government. This resulted in the Civil War.

War was concentrated on the capital city of Kabul and a few other major provinces. According to the UN, more than 50,000 people died. It should be noted that illiteracy was endemic in Afghanistan, even before the wars. Afghanistan was mostly a rural society of small farmers and herders. Naturally, it suffered from political naivety and ignorance, which made it an easy target for self-centered powers from the West and their allies like Pakistan. The Civil War was a black mark in the history of Afghanistan but, compared to the deaths of 1.5 million, millions of migration and thousands of severe injuries which were the outcomes of soviet Russia and communists, it was not as severe.

Afghans as a whole are peace loving and wanted to put an end to Civil Wars. This caused the USA and west to make a new plan in the name of Islam. Shortly after, the Taliban came into existence as a fundamental religious movement and claimed that they would form an Islamic government under Islamic law.

However, there was no any connection with real Islam and the Taliban. People misunderstood that, so the Taliban received public support. This enabled them to take control of more then 80% of Afghanistan in a short period of time. The Mujaheddin did not make the same mistake, and fought the Taliban, knowing it was the only path to peace and stability. Finally, the September 11 attacks changed the world’s mind. However, this created a new set of problems.

The Taliban collapsed, the new government was formed under the leadership of president Karzi with the strong support of USA. Thousands of foreign soldiers came to Afghanistan to maintain peace in the country along with billions of dollars of international aid for reconstruction.

Billions have been spent, but still, there is neither peace nor adequate reconstruction. There is no little visible improvement in Afghan standards of living. Recent reports show that people are regularly dying from hunger. This is a new issue in the history of Afghanistan. Drug production and trafficing is a challenging task for the country, government and international community but the situation only worsens.

Now, who is responsible for these entire crises: Mujaheddin, Westerners, or Communists? The credit of all the above problems goes to Communists and Westerners. Communists started the problems and westerners are continuing them. The Mujaheddin has been a victim of all the allegations, conspiracies, and propaganda of Westerners and Communists.

To be realistic, where does the majority of international help go? How much flows back to the donors, through corruption, overpaid consultants, and kickbacks?

Does it end up in special bank accounts of Westerners who were originally Afghan and so now work in the government? Or does it go to the Mujahadeen?

Are Westerners working in Afghanistan really committed to a peaceful Afghanistan or they are committed to earn wealth and go back to west and spent rest of life in luxury and joy?

Ahmad Khalid
Member of Afghanistan Union of Attorneys

Email address khalid_hairat@yahoo.com


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  • Ahmed,

    Your article is thoughtful and accurate, but only to a point.

    I am one of those Westerners who has come to your country to help with the reconstruction. Yes, I am being paid quite well to be here. However, for me, it is not all about the compensation.

    For me, it is about giving Afghanistan a chance to develop a free society and a competetive economy - which I fully believe are forever linked together. To develop that competetive ecomony, the basic infrastructure most be in place. Once it is, the future potential for Afghans is unlimited.

    I work side by side with Afghan engineers who truly care about the future of their country. I too care about the future of your country. I can not speak for all Westerners. However, I would encourage you not to ’lump’ us all together in one sterotype.

  • Dear Westerner,

    It is so nice to hear that you have come to take a part in the reconstruction and rehabilitation process of Afghanistan but to tell you truth You westerners should reconstruct our country because you have had hand in the destruction of our country.

    The war in Afghanistan wasn’t our own war. It was a war which was stretched by USSR and USA to Afghanistan and this war was only fought to become the super power of the world. USSR wanted to expand its own ideology of communism and at the same time USA was the chief opponent of USSR because USA wanted to expand its own ideology of Capitalism.

    And on the other hand you say that you have come to help Afghanistan how we can accept it because it isn’t written on your face and it might not be your intentions behind the scene.

    But I promise that one day you will see the Afghans and their patriotism for their country. We are Muslims and I am sure ALLAH will assist us and we will also come to know about those who are sincere to us and those who are destroying our country.


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