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Interview of Kabul Press with Roberta Borgonovo Assistant Director and a producer of THE PERSIAN DINNER (movie) 2015

It was fantastic. The atmosphere and even the rushing time gave to the non professional ones the energy to act realistically their own roles
Editorial Staff
Wednesday 4 February 2015

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Kabul Press is the official media partner of the independent movie, THE PERSIAN DINNER 2015. THE PERSIAN DINNER will be released in September in Italy. It is the debut feature film by the Hazara film director Amin Wahidi. Before this film, Amin Wahidi has made five short films including L’OSPITE/THE GUEST that won VENICE CITY AWARD 2014 last year during Venice International Film Festival.

Kabul Press? did this interview with Roberta Borognovo, Assistant Director and one of the producers of THE PERSIAN DINNER 2015.

Kabul Press: First of all, we would like to ask you about your experiences in cinema.
Roberta Borgonovo: Thank you very much for the interview. Well, so far I have made short films, video clips, commercial spots and spots with social issues. Besides I have cooperated with a couple of directors. I have obtained a BA in directing from Milan Film School. And the Persian dinner is my first experience in an independent feature film.

Kabul Press: As an experience how did you find THE PERSIAN DINNER?
Roberta Borgonovo: I lived the shooting of The Persian Dinner as an occasion to jump into a complex project without giving myself the time to over think about its risks. That was good for me. It felt like starting a trip on a stormy ocean. But we finally landed.
Nothing is too out of reach when one puts into effect one’s strong desire.

Kabul Press: What’s your opinion about the independent cinema and how do you see the future of independent cinema in Italy?
Roberta Borgonovo: I see that there’s a great need of telling strong stories: young directors, storytellers and their colleagues want to expose them selves in their stories, more that one would see at the official high budget Italian cinema.

Kabul Press: How is working with a blend of professional and non professional actors in a film?
Roberta Borgonovo: It was fantastic. The atmosphere and even the rushing time gave to the non professional ones the energy to act realistically their own roles. And the actors coming from well-known academies in Italy sometimes had to shake off some of their academic trainings to get the same goal. Helping both of them was an interesting and fantastic experience.

Kabul Press: Seeing your experiences, which role do you prefer the most, being an actress, a director or a producer?
Roberta Borgonovo: Director. All of my efforts in this and other projects are converging to get the knowledge and the self-confidence needed to guide a troupe to a “common dream”.

Kabul Press: What do you expect from THE PERSIAN DINNER?
Roberta Borgonovo: I expect to see the same energy bursting during the shooting in the edited movie. That’s the path to follow in my opinion.

Kabul Press: Will you collaborate with the director Amin Wahidi, if it happens in the future?
Roberta Borgonovo: Yes, depending on the project he might propose.

Kabul Press: What’s your message to the viewers of THE PERSIAN DINNER?
Roberta Borgonovo: The only thing I would tell them is to turn off the lights and to enjoy the movie and the enthusiastic madness of its story.

Kabul Press: Which are your own future cinematic projects?
Roberta Borgonovo: I’m exploring the audio-visual arts through shorter projects as music videos, adverts and so on. But at the moment I’m writing my first short-movie out of the Academy, that’s my main concern. Then other projects and other movies are waiting to be realized. With more audacity and gall, after working on Amin’s Persian Dinner!

Kabul Press: Thank You very much for your time.
Roberta Borgonovo: You’re welcome

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