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Next Generation of the Terrorists

Monday 21 November 2016, by Kamran Mir Hazar

This is what Pashtun children learn in Afghanistan, preparing to be the next generation of the terrorists organized in groups such as the Taliban and IS. It seems the Pashtun society is death; there is no intellectual movement; no civil movement and no common interest to live in peace with non-Pashtuns. The Pashtun politicians such as Hamid Karzai, Ashraf Ghani or Hanif Atmar misused billions of dollars aids from the international community and supported the Taliban based of their permanent strategy to invade non-Pashtun lands. They did nothing to promote education in their society. Just in last 8 months, their brothers from the Taliban and IS groups destroyed 296 schools mostly in the Pashtun populated areas. So far, the result is more and bigger terrorist training camps; more and bigger poppy fields; killing more non-Pashtuns such as Hazara; sinking more deep into medieval period and of course abusing the rights of Pashtun women and #children more than before.
Living with this community is impossible, and the best and only solution is #partition.

Poet, and Kabul Press Editor-in Chief and Publisher
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Home > English > Opinion > Next Generation of the Terrorists

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