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Attack on Hazara Writers, Journalists, Artists and Activists

Kamran Mir Hazar
Friday 24 November 2017

زمان خواندن: (تعداد واژه ها: )

In recent years, dozens of Hazara writers, journalists, artists and activists were #killed, injured, detained, jailed and #abducted by the government, warlords and terrorist groups.
The Hazara are a Turkic people, and descendants of the Kushans. Mongol influences are present in 10% of the Hazara. Hazara people live primarily in several Central Asian countries such as Hazaristan (Afghanistan), Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and India. Millions of Hazara people throughout history have been forced to leave their original homeland— today called Hazaristan (Afghanistan). Hundreds of thousands of Hazara have settled as refugees and political asylees in Europe, the Americas, and Australia.

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Kabul Press chief editor and publisher

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