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Taliban embedded in security forces failed to capture or kill Anti-Terrorist commander Alipoor

Saturday 6 October 2018

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Kabul Press?: Several months after capturing well-known Uzbek anti-Taliban commander by Pashtun Taliban forces, Taliban supporters in Arg plan to capture Alipoor known as commander Shamshir. Commander Alippor is a well-known Hazara anti-Taliban commander in Maidan Wardak. Last night the commander was in Lal wa Sarjangal to visit people, but the Taliban embedded in security forced attacked to capture or kill him. The commander could escape when people gathered to defend him, but Taliban killed at least 13 Hazara civilians including children and women.
After several bloody attacks on Hazara passengers in Kabul-Bamyan road by Taliban and local Pashtuns, commander Alippor and many other people in Maidan Wardak have gathered and established Resistance Front organization to defend people against Pashtun Taliban and Kochis. Now, the road is much safer.

Protests in support of commander Alippor

A few hours later the attack on commander Alippor, people in Bamyan and Daykundi started their protests in support of the commander.

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