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A Better Picture of So-Called Country Afghanistan by Michael Waltz

Kabul Press - News
Sunday 8 September 2019

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Kabul Press: Young representative at U.S. Congress, but with a broader picture of so-called country Afghanistan, he believes the Taliban should not be trusted. Michael Waltz says “Smart move by Donald Trump to cancel talks with the Taliban, who have repeatedly shown they’re not negotiating in good faith, nor can they prevent terrorism from resurging on their own soil.”
More importantly, Michael Waltz sees Afghanistan as a multiethnic country and believes all ethnic groups should share power. In his recent interview with the Dari version of VOA, he highlights the corruption in the Afghan government and says the power should be increased, but not only in Kabul.
The best answer to this demand is a federal system, where ethnic groups have power in their areas such as Hazaristan, Turkistan, and other parts. The central government in the hands of Pashtuns resulted in Afghanistan’s high rank of corruption and the increase of the Taliban attacks and civilians’ casualties.
Michael Waltz fought in Afghanistan, and he may remember December 2001, and Hazara, Uzbek and Tajik anti-terrorist fighter overthrowing the Taliban Islamic Emirate.

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