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A letter to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Mohammad Amin Wahidi
Tuesday 3 March 2020

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Dear Coronavirus
I should rather be Thankful
To you,
Not for killing innocent people,
For examining all those,
Coward living beings who’ve always lived,
In their warm shells of luxury and ignorance,
As long as they are safe and sound,
But they feel threatened,
And they lose their minds, conscience and courage,
As soon as there is a breeze,
That moves the rustling leaves,
And they imagine it a tornado,
And they shit in their pants.

Dear Coronavirus,
I’m grateful to you,
For unveiling the existent hypocrisy
And washing away, all those,
Fake masks everyone got used to,
Put on his face,
Before your arrival,
To conceal their real features,
And their real existence.

Dear Coronavirus,
I should rather thank you,
For you are so kind,
You kill,
Only 2 % of people you meet and embrace,
You are so elegant and gallant!
While on the cursed land of God,
Bombs fall down as rain from the sky,
And make burst in the air,
Smoky pieces of meat with blood,
But still don’t awake up anyone.
Or in the extreme Wilderness,
The Yankees kill one another,
As easily as a glass of water,
On daily basis,
Or on that other corner of the world,
That is considered,
The land of roaming souls,
The bearded Satans of our time,
Get thirstier for the blood of mankind,
Day after day,
As they drink blood of human beings,
So greedily in their black or white turbans,
No one notes, no one sees, no one hurts!
But you are so kind,
Dear Coronavirus,
With this low percentage of bloodshed you make.

Dear Coronavirus,
We should all be thankful to you,
For being our honorary guest,
In this important time of history,
To keep us busy, to entertain us,
With your clamorous Bang!!!!!!!
So that our ears wouldn’t be disturbed,
By the whine of burning Koalas in Australia,
Or by rough jet-noise of drones bombing Syrian children,
Or by the rumble of the colossus tanks,
Destroying houses in Afghanistan,
Or the cry of a mother and her child,
For the pain of wounds on their feet and hands,
From the tangled razor-sharp barbwires,
When crossing the Turkish border towards Greece,
Or the enthusiastic yell of a laughing Taliban,
When beheading happily a Hazara passenger,
Forced to get off the coach,
In the Valley of Death or Dar-e-Maidan,
They are all disturbing and disgusting facts,
Thanks for being so entertaining to forget them!

You should have come earlier, long ago,
Decades or centuries back, or maybe,
You should have been fiercer than you are,
So that you would wash away all human species,
And their dirty stains that remain,
On the face of the earth or
On the forehead of they history,
So that we wouldn’t be witnessing,
All this shit and cruelty,
Committed by us, human beings,
Dear Coronavirus!
You are smaller than us,
Millions or even billions of times however,
Thank you for teaching us!
To be kind, faithful and courageous!

To all direct victims of Coronavirus outbreak in all over the world
To all those who are indirectly victim of racism as a result of Coronavirus outbreak in the world

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