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A Great Leader, Who Smiled to the Nation, Was Killed but Also Reborn

A Eulogy to Shaheed Yousufi
Hafizullah Khoram ،   Marc Seltzer
Monday 25 May 2009

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Yet again history has witnessed when blood has coloured the road of existence. Time became pregnant when the red blood of Yousufi flashed on the earth and filled the sky. From now onwards every Hazara’s mother will give birth to thousands of Hussain Ali Yousufis. A brave leader smiled to the nation and bravery was reborn when he was killed. His martyrdom shook us all, woke up those who were sleeping, and stood up those who were sitting. It called out those who were silent, brought hope for hopeless ones, and reunited the Hazaras in Quetta at the most needed moment. The passionate story and bravery of our nation again marked a new chapter of freedom, equality and justice, and opened the red page of spiritual and moral success to the human societies of the Hazaras.

Did you forget? When they inhumanly and brutally tortured and killed Abdul Khaleq (Khaliqoo), millions of Abdul Khaleqs were reborn. Don’t you remember? When similar terrorists martyred our great leader Ustad Mazari, millions of Mazari were reborn. From far away villages in Afghanistan to the other side of the Pacific Ocean, from the hills of Marry Abad to the North Atlantic Ocean, the Hazara nation stood strongly with full confidence and eagerness. We kept high hopes on the future and looked so far as the horizon of hope, freedom, justice and equality. The horizon is where the sun dies for those unprincipled and malicious terrorists, but our nation always believes that the sun never dies for the human spirit. We believed in our truthfulness, remained faithful to Shaheed Mazari’s school of thought and revolution, and Baba Mazari’s confidence and bravery rebuilt our confidence. Therefore, we called out and spoke loudly and clearly so that the deafest ear in the world would hear our loud voices, demanding justice and freedom.

Dear Sisters and Brothers of shared destiny!
Today once more, the time has come to judge our passion and tolerance and test our abilities and confidence. We need to believe in ourselves brothers, to trust our shared destiny, be courageous in our lives, hopeful in the future and supportive of each other. It is the time to demonstrate because it is not just a painful time for the Hazaras in Quetta, Pakistan; it is the shared fate and collective destiny of the Hazara nation all over the globe. It doesn’t matter where we were born. In the mountain lands of Hazara-zameen in Afghanistan, or in the narrow streets of Marry Aabad, or in a forgotten land of Gul-shahr east of Iran, or any other distant places on Planet Earth. We are all one. We probably speak in different Persian/Hazaragi accents, but we are all one. No political barriers or geographical boundaries can separate us or keep us apart, because we are the branches of the same tree. The branches, are perhaps heading in different directions or are positioned in many locations, but all reach to one root. Therefore, we need to stand up side-by-side, raise our voices louder than before and be united. We stand against all evils and devils, who ferociously with cowardice get out of their religious caves, and run like wounded rats and attack our peaceful and human-loving nation.

Dear Friends
Shaheed Yousufi was from the branch located in a dusty city with a big heart called Quetta, Yusufi was a man who changed our nation’s history by making history for more than twenty-five years, until he became history himself. Yousufi was a brilliant man, a man of many men, who had many bright sides and amazing talents. He strived, fought, and made every effort to make his nation known and recognised nationally and internationally. He defended his nation’s pride, values and identity. He was a man who struggled peacefully and worked hard all his life for social justice and equality, civil and human rights, and dignity and liberty.

Yousufi was not only a brilliant politician or political party’s leader. He was an academic, cultural and political analyst, a brilliant artist, a fantastic writer, an interesting poet, a passionate leader, and a liberal man of peace and human virtues, who strongly believed in non-violent struggle and democracy.

Yousufi challenged radicalism and extremism and an aggressive method of politics in Pakistan. He was one of the moderate liberal politicians who opened a new democratic window of politics in Quetta. He emphasized fair, non-violent competition among all opposition parties and the importance of political independence.

Ladies and Gentlemen!
Shaheed Yousufi’s legacy, talents and achievements cannot be limited to his political career. He was an ambitious and sincere artist and writer who dug the foundation for arts in our society. He gave importance and high value to the arts, in general, and especially to Hazaragi national arts. Without getting too emotional, I think he was one of the founding fathers of Hazaragi arts (dramas, stage shows, political and social critic shows, critic poems and speeches, comic shows, etc.).

Yosufi was an artistic man of smiles, hopes, wishes and happiness. He brought smiles to our lips, hopes to our hearts, wishes to our eyes, and passion to our desires. He brought determination in our beliefs, talent in our brains, satisfaction in our confidence, colour to our culture, arts to our societies and pride in our nation. And now I hope that his martyrdom brings unity, respect and trust to our lives.

We, the Hazaras, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain peacefully protest and assemble here to strongly condemn this vicious act of terror: the assassination of a great leader, a brilliant artist — Hussain Ali Yousufi. We, from the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, pay our deepest sympathy and condolences to the Hazara nation all over the world, the Hazara Democratic Party and especially to Shaheed Yousufi’s honoured family.

Today these peaceful protests are evidence of our political awareness, social understanding and national unity. And so it is the time to wake up, get closer and communicate our thoughts and beliefs, share our feelings and sympathy, prove our confidence and passion and understand the horrific time and difficult situation which our people face in Quetta, Pakistan. As you all know, for decades the Hazaras of Quetta have been helpful and supportive towards all Hazaras, especially the Hazaras of Afghanistan during the 30 years of civil war. The Hazaras of Quetta have always stood side-by-side their Afghan brothers, shared the good times and bad times, supported and hosted them at the most critical and crucial times. We must appreciate their support, emotions and generosity, and today it is our responsibility to help, assist and support them in any possible and peaceful ways.

Dear friends!
We do not come here blindly blaming Pakistan’s democracy or the Pakistani nation as a whole or any other communities in the country; we do not come here to spread hatred or cause trouble. We come here to ask fundamental questions: questions of life, questions of the right of existence, and questions of natural and civil rights of men before the law.

Is living as a minority community in Pakistan a crime?
Are we guilty because we are the Hazaras?
Are we guilty because our belief is different than others?

I ask this question of the democratic political State of Pakistan, civil rights organisations, human rights activists, fair and just politicians, honest writers, artists and journalists and all peace-loving Pakistani individuals.

Don’t you know the peaceful and education-adoring Hazaras?
Don’t you know how deeply the Hazara society has integrated and contributed to Pakistani society, from education to sports, from politics to arts, from culture to social welfare, and social activities to common interests of Pakistan?

Our peaceful aim is to call upon Pakistani government and police force to act quickly, effectively and to bring those criminal enemies of humans and humanity to justice. Those who kill in the name of religion, and those who spread hatred in the name of ethnic communities and nations must be jailed and must be punished for their inhuman acts and activities.

Dear individuals who suffered of terrorism!
I call upon those dark minded cowardly terrorists! The Hazaras are brave, honest, hardworking children of the earth, and one of the most suffering but victorious generations of the world history. We have experienced cruelty and violence; we have been tested and tortured for the simple reason of our existence; we have witnessed genocide and massacre because we are Hazara and believers of the right path of Islam and humanity; we experienced the martyrdom of a great leader Baba Mazari, which was a great loss in Hazara’s history. If we successfully and faithfully survived all those painful and difficult periods of life as we faced them, now I’m sure we will move on by putting strong steps forward and will succeed in this difficult time once more.

We do not come here to mourn and grieve only or to verbally condemn the assassination of a great man; we will not beg for mercy or cry and let ourselves and our nation down; we will not let our enemies rejoice and celebrate their cowardly act, their, so called, victory.

We will rise and stand up again and again; we will raise our voices louder than before and continue our life journey confidently with high morals, hope and courage.

You will get tired of killing us, but we never get tired of giving blood and life for justice, freedom, our human rights, integrity and identity; you kill one, we will be reborn in thousands, as Hussain Ali Yousufi already has been reborn in thousands. We never accept defeat because we invest our blood and lives in our victory and existence; so we never give up because we never get tired.

Dear Friends!
Mazari and Yousufi met dawn on the horizon of time and departed to the sky to reach their God, but left great, pure and heavy legacies on our shoulders to carry safely and pass to the new generations.

Thank you
May God bless the great spirits of Shohadaa, especially Shaheed Yousufi.

Hafizullah Khoram

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Forum posts

  • Mr. Hafizullah Khuram, I am completely agree with you regarding Mr. Hussani ali Yousufi that he was very intelligent, hart worker and straggled just for Pakistani Hazaras, but your judgment should be justly not looking one way. You have mentioned great Hazara leader but we didn’t understand which Hazara you mean? We have two completely different Hazaras, one is Pakistani and other is Afghanistani, now we should think carefully about Yousufi. I have a question that, what Yousufi did for Afghanistani Hazaras. Who was Yousufi? For the answer of these question we should go back to 1980’s when fair started burning in Afghansitan during Russian invasion. All over Afghansitan rose against the military invasion including Hazarajat. At that time intellectuals, educated and open-minded people of Hazarajat got the leadership of the resistance and made a Unity named Shorae Itefaq. Pakistan government had very worried about this unity so decided to destroy Shora-e-Itefaq, but it was not so easy to eliminate without participation of Hazara people, Mr. yousufi was sent by Karnail Khadem an expert ISI Hazara with some old and broken weapons and ammunitions. He established Tanzim Nasl Naw Moghol Hazara and called all educated people came together, it was meant to sent massage to religious people and Iranian supporters to attack on Shora-e-Itefaq. He did a good job for ISI and Pakistani intelligent service and until he died was a member of ISI.

    Dear Khuram do you remember what yousufi did with Afghanistani Hazaras on 1985 in 6th July? Do you remember how many Hazara people sent back to Spenboldak and refugee camps like Surkhab, Lorlaee, Muslim Bagh and Panjpaee from Mariabad, Quetta by this person? Do you remember what Yousufi did on 2004 election time in Pakistan? Even he did not allow opening a pooling station in Mariabad and Barori for Afghan refugees. If you see the dramas and movies written by him, all of them are against Afghanistani Hazaras just he scoffed the poor refugee Hazaras.

    Dear Khuram, ISI tried to save Yousufi, they told him that our intelligent reported, your name is in the list of the Taliban, they will kill you so he moved form Brewery to Mariabad to a very save place by ISI and during the accident one ISI member also killed which was supporter of Yousufi.
    Thank you

    A Hazara refugee from Quetta

    • Hazara from Quetta, you are absolutely right. I never forget the adventure of “Chae Julae” that Quettagi Hazaras searched for Afghan refugee with policemen house to house in Mariabad. I remember, one of Quettagi man took my 3 years old girl and dropped to a big police ”BRP” truck and sent us to Camp 5. We were too many people including Ustad Qasem Akhgar the editor of 8sob, Dawood Sarkhosh, Tofan and Zaman Atrafi. Nobody could forgotten that bad days we had in Pakistan during Mussa Khan Hazara governor of Baluchistan. I remember the speech of Hussain Ali Yousufi and Reza wakil on “Sari Maidani” that everything blamed to Afghanistani refugees like “This accident happened by Afghanistani people, we Pakistani are innocent because we did not have any weapons, these weapons brought and used by Afghanistani Hazaras” so I as a hazara want to say that He is not our leader and even Hazarajat never forget his betray by the name of Tanzim.

    • Well you are absolutely wrong because if thats was true 300000 hazaras would not live in quetta today.
      Open your narrow heart for the wider world and think for the unity of the nation...

    • Dear brother while mentioning the plight of Afghan refugees in Quetta you deliberatly ignored their miserable life in other neighbouring countries inclucluding Iran Turkey etc and ofcourse Afghanistan itself, where a few years ago (before the myrterdom of our great leader Ustad Abdul Ali Mazari) the Hazara nation were not even recognized. Not even the Hazara Nation could honourably uses word "HAZARA" as thier ethenic identity. I remember a prominent Pushtoon political and so called Jehadi figure once in his interview with an international media person said that the Hazaras only constitute a minor 4 or 5 percent of whole Afghanistan"s population. But people like you who spent some years in Iran and followers of Shaikh Mohsini never said anything or condemn those remarks. From your views it appears that they are living a happy and lavish life out everywhere in the world. Well Hazaras have always been discriminated in a systemetic way whether it is Afghanistan Pakistan Iran or any other neighbouring countries. We should fight against this discrimination and speakout about those elements and we cant do this without unity. We should always be aware of our human rights and do our best for a just fair and democratic society where no one can discriminiate and deny us of our rights.This is not the time to fight with each other. Do you know our history, every time we have been deprived of our rights by those elements who created disunity and chaos in our ranks for their own interests. The reason behind your narrow views strongly pointing out that any person with such animosity against his own people means that either he is not Hazara or if he by any chance is, then he has been brought up in a small village with no knowledge of the present day requirements. At this crucial time in the present day history of our nation anyone who tries to differentiate and disintegrate our nations unity is a friend of our enemies. Please be united and have faith in your self. thanks.

    • mr unknown from browri,I think your diffirnciation of hazara,s as a pakistani and afghanistani doesent work becuase the people like you can be count on fingers, and the way you twisted the fact about shaheed yousafi and 6 july is totaly misleading,yes yousafi went to afghanistan to help there afghanistany brothers but shora-e-itfaq stopped them in hangi area and start shelling on them the whole night and on the next morning they brought quran karim and promised to yousafi that we want peace with you people if you go to tamir in sangi masha,yousafi’s friend at that time told yousafi that do not trust them but shaheed said no I have to trust the quran,but when he left with them after one kilometer they tied his eyes and hand and put him on the back of theire car.......
      so after he had been released he never been in afghanistan and left the ground open for shora e itfaq but you tell me what progress you made for afghani hazara’z.......
      shaheed was a very tollarated person he knew that the people from shora comes to quetta very often but he never harrassed them for what they done with him in.....
      if we talk about the immunation then it was very sophiceticated weapons of the time becuase it has been proved that with the weapon ISI supported mujahideen they knocked out russia from......
      shaheed never been an ISI member, yes he was a tanzeem’s member and he took weapon to afghanistan becuase he wanted a change in hazara’s life in afghanistan..... if was a member that how could taliban killed him becuase who doesnt no that ISI and taliban are the two side of one coin.....
      and your claim of another person has been iSI member killed on the same day with yousafi, so he was an poor hazara shopkeer from browri shaheed khaliq hussain who had been killed in a very diffirent location from where yousafi had been killed ( you know that very well)
      on the 6 july 1985 all hazara’s in quetta incluiding refugees had suffered but your claim that yousafi had a roll to send back refugees is totally baseless, becuase yousafi never diffirciat between hazara’s from quetta and afghanistan, he loved hazara’s in his whole life thats why he always insisted on hazaragi language he could speak many languages flueintly but he always preffered to talk in his mother tuang, and his effert over five years to write and publish hazaragi proverbs (zarb-ul-misl) shows his interest and love for his language and nation.
      if he is so against hazara’s from afghanistan then why he never did anything against afghanies after 6 july (as you claiming that he had hand in 6 july).
      he preffered to participate in election two times to win seat from browri for the first time in the history of hazara’s bothe times he could not win, he was an ISI member he had to win the election becuase pakistani elections always engineered elections who ever ISI want they will succeed....
      we shuld accept that the mijority of browry voters are refugees ang they are the one who gave vote to yousafi because politically they are very very educated and they know what to do in that political enovoirnment.
      I just want to tell that history does not forgive the mistakes of a nations. we are one weither hazara from afghanistan, quitta or anywhere in the world.
      zindabad hazara
      zindabad honisty
      zindabad unity
      nation be

  • گهی کور وگهی کر می تراشند

    مکرر در مکرر می تراشند

    نمی پرسی درین بازار آزاد

    کلوی چند رهبر می تراشند

    I do not know how many leaders we have? Who is the real one? It is very bad tradition, if some one dies we make him leader.

  • Salam Dear Hazaras all over the world!
    first i pray for the soul of Mr Yosofi and wish him Janah in the after life and peace for his family. second, the fact that Hazaras should unite no matter where they are, and what religion they believe in, is an undeniable fact and key to our success for our basic human right, which is our mere existince. As i gather, most of the friends who have expressed thier openion in here, are educated people, and part of being educated is not to approach the matters emotionally. i am not here to say that Mr Khoram is right or the other friends are wrong. i just want to stress that in current climate our people cannot afford another defeat for any reason. i think we all agree that, in order to achieve our rights, we have to have a clear goal and utalize all our resources to achieve our goals. and what better resources can we have than our own people. Asuming Mr Yosufi has done what some of the friends have claimed here. but lets remember our support is not just for Yosufi it is for a big part of our society (hazaras of quetta) this is to show that our relation to them is stronger than any issues we have with each other. we might not agree with what he has done or who he was but we do know that alot of Hazaras of Quetta have grave respect for him and for that reason we respect him. let our support be a symbole of brotherhood.and we hazaras of Afghanistan support you while you need it. and i also have a request from Hazaras of Quetta to show the same respect and support to our causes and stick with us when needed, i dont see alot of Hazaras of Quetta in our large gatherings in Europe , they are less keen to join us in especial events, and have thier own comunities in most Europian countries lets break thoes barriers and get united . as our great leader once said if Hazaras loose this apportunity it will take us another hundred years to get back where we are now ,,WE CANT AFFORD ANOTHER DEFEAT...

  • Salam ang greeting to all.

    Dear brothers let us not argue on this article. Mr Usufi may have been ignorant in the years of the 1980s and latter learnt that unity is the only means of survivor and victory for Hazaras, therefore his political imagination may have changed.

    Brothers we may have had bad experience in quetta as refugees but let’s not forget that alot of us lived there piecefully simply by using their identity and history.

    Hazaras all over the world are same, the differences were not optional it was the history that pushed us in these corners.

    the only mean of sucess for Hazaras are unity.

  • Dear D. Azad

    Everybody athirst for unity and solidarity, if we see to the past, all conflicts changed to peace and tranquility by parley and negotiation, even the World War I and II ended to peace on the table. We need unity from both sites not a unilateral unity. We have Hazaragi idiomatic expression says that one hand does not have vice “az yak dest awaz namaya” if you present the unity first of all should change yourselves and your habitual regarding Afghani Hazaras. Quettagi Hazara has hatred and disgusted from Afghani Hazaras, they are very egoistic and swellhead people, they never accept Afghans as human. I am living in Quetta Pakistan so believe me Iran is better then Mariabad, many Afghani Hazara are in Jill because they haven’t got money to pay for intelligent services, no one can stay at Hotel because the thieves, just making intrigue against Afghanistani people. One of the bloodsuckers was Hussain Ali Yousufi, he was an unrelenting butcher for new arrival from Afghanistan, Europe, America and Australia. He was taking too much many under the pretext of staying in Pakistan from Afghani people, those who had traveled to Pakistan knows about better about your great leader and what he did for Hazara people

  • to all hazara’s around the world,
    I want to add some facts about this topic.
    1) in 6 july 1985 there was corfew for many weeks nobody was allowed to gather in ser-e-madani to have a speak about someone.
    2) 21 one people were killed becuase of nonesene mullahs.
    not becuase of refugees.
    3) if some poeple were involed weather locale or refugees
    but every one had suffered.even every department’s door were closed for hazaras.
    4) dahood sarkhosh shoold be proud for quetta hazara’s that they made him so famouse.
    5) the quetta hazara’s in quetta always secrficed for there afghanistni brothers enroled the names of refugees in the registration office to vote in elections. always welomed leaders like kalili, moqiq, G khudadad, moqiq kabully.
    let the afghan political parties to open there offices in the heart of marriabad and browry , never asked what afghan hazara’s doing, hazara’s from quetta cried on the killing of mazari and on the collepse of afhshr,mazar and bamian, and becuase of all these now they are suffering the same hatered from al quada, taliban and other extrimiest groups mass rally against taliban in 1998 under the flag of hazara progressive forum,
    if shaheed yousafi was ISI member he never could be killed in the kingdom of ISI, yes he was killed by ISI through the lashker e jangavee.
    do not worry if yousafi had no relation to hold people from shora e itfaq but he got good relation to many people in afghanistan to best interest of hazara’s not only in pakistan and afghanistan but all over the world.

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