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World Wide Protest Against Genocide in Pakistan and Afghanistan

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Saturday 1 October 2011

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Kabul Press?, Saturday, October 01, 2011 : Thousands of Hazara people around the world have protested against the systematic genocide and discrimination in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Sydney, Australia

Istanbul, Turkey

Quitta, Pakistan

Trondheim, Norway

Stokholm, Sweden

Vienna, Austria

New York, USA

Hamburg, Germany

A refugee Camp in Indonesia

Toronto, Canada

Ankara, Turkey

Oslo, Norway

Adelaide, Australia

Malmo, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

Rome, Italy

Auckland, New Zealand

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Forum posts

  • Thank you so much for an excellent pictorial of this important International event.

    As a Melbourne citizen with the interests of the Hazaras and others who are oppressed at heart, I attended the Melbourne event in heavy rain where some 2000+ mostly Hazara people came to express their concern about their fellow-countrymen. They wish everyone to know they care about those left behind; those facing ongoing persecution, discrimination torture and genocide for no reason other than their ethnic and religious differences.

    My personal connection with and respect for the #Hazara community is something I greatly value. I have been able to observe the extraordinary sense of connectedness and community spirit; resilience and adaptability of the Hazara community, in addition to their adaptability. I have always found the Hazara people to be friendly, hospitable and peace-loving

    It was a great privilege for me to be invited to this event in Melbourne and to support the Hazara cause. Without reservation I recommend the #Hazara people to the rest of the world. Without reservation I urge consideration of their special qualities of resilience, determination, collective and individual motivation.

    While the inhuman execution of the innocent civilians are carried out in Afghanistan, the champions of democracy, including the USA, Great Britain, all the Western powers and the so-called civilized institutions such as the United Nations remains as spectators on the side.”

    [source: http://www.hazara.net/taliban/...

    Please also see:





    Any supposition or policy by any country including Australia that seeks to make a finding that the #Hazaras, wherever born or normally reside are subjected to anything less than systematic persecution, torture or genocide is mistaken and either grossly mis-informed or indulging in political gaming.

    I am appalled and dismayed by proposals to expel #Hazaras and others in a similar position of minority ethnic and religious persecution, without assessment to third countries without any policies, legal provisions or international Treaties in place and demonstrable political will to adhere to such in practical terms.

    I add my support to those of many others for the Hazara people and to their personal pleas, crystalized today to respect their right to freedom from persecution, torture and genocide. wherever their ethnic background and/or religious sect is poorly tolerated.

    It is misinformed to suggest that first country of asylum, including neighbouring countries like Iran and Pakistan are safe for #Hazaras wherever they were born or tried to escape to.

    Likewise many South-East Asian countries have no tolerance for the #Hazara people because of their ethnic and religious sect background. They were in fact originally Buddhist.

    The Opposition Liberal Party in Australia is pushing for amendments to the Migration Act 1958 that will substantially mimic the #MalaysianSolution proposal by the ruling minority Party Executive in the face of opposition. These matters are before Parliament and the debate will be resumed on 11 October.

    Whilst the Liberals wish to limit otherwise unfettered Ministerial discretion to send #asylum (asylum seekers) to any third country for processing if they are signatories to the UNConvention, this is insufficient protection with domestic laws and political will to uphold the spirit and intent of these provisions. In theory this will include Afghanistan and Iran the source of a high proportion of legitimate refugees. Many have already been returned to persecution and even death.

    The Labour Party through its Executive proposes the #MalaysianSolution as a severe and inappropriate deterrence measure, using unassessed #asylees as meat-hanger examples to deter further boat arrivals seeking asylum.

    Both political parties are seeking dumping grounds for asylum seekers and to wash their hands of responsibilities. The #PacificSolution (#Nauru, PNG) never did work, and Temporary Protection Visas (TPVs) can only exacerbated risk of sea journeys. The #TurningBoatsBack component of the past and proposed Liberal Party package was what kept numbers down, as well as fluctuating country conditions, but Indonesia will no longer accept boat returns.

    This leaves the persecuted at continuing risk. My arguments and pleas apply as much to other persecuted groups.

    I am here to raise as much awareness as I can, since I reject outright the political gaming undertaken by Australia’s political parties, both seeking to escape from their international obligations to those seeking asylum o0n their shores under the terms of their obligations. It is not enough to merely be a signatory to the #UNConvention 1951; its associated 1967Protocol (147 countries between them); or other Treaties without the political will to embrace the spirit and the letter.

    After all Afghanistan and Iran are signatories to the UNConvention, but there is much evidence this instrument holds any meaning to these countries. Whilst Pakistan accepts many refugees, there is much evidence that the Shia- #Hazaras and others of the Shia sect are severely discriminated against and that there is a trend towards genocide that must be exposed and addressed by the international community at large.

    The #UN appears to be doing little to stem the daily abuses and senseless killings. I feel it is more than time for the entire international community to be mobilized, though I do not believe that reciprocal violence is the answer.

    Madeleine Kingston

    Victoria Australia

    (skylark100AU1 Twitter)

    • You can follow me on @skylark100AU1 to catch up on various aspects of online advocacy for the oppressed, persecuted, discrimination including minority groups, those subjected to #torture #genocide & #forceddiscplacement.

      I have an affinity with certain cultural groups and maintain contact with the Melbourne Australia #Hazaras

      Note my previous Twitter address of skylark100 has been replaced with @skylark100AU1

  • Please allow me as an Australian supporter in Melbourne Victoria of the worldwide #Hazara community to express my deep sympathy to the families of those senselessly killed in the name of religion of the second bus attack of innocent civilians.


    Deaths in Pakistan bus attack

    http://english.aljazeera.net/n... or


    This is further evidence that Australia or any other country rejecting Shia #Hazara #asylees or either coercively obtaining ’voluntary return’ or else facilitating forced return would be guilty of re-foulement, as expressly forbidden under international provisions, yet to be further tested before higher courts.

    Nonetheless the AU Executive limb of Govt and the Opposition are determined to change domestic laws in an attempt to escape their enshrined international obligations.

    PM Julia Gillard pacifies the Malaysian Govt by assuring them that the unconscionable swap deal is still on. This is yet to be debated before Parliament in a continuing debate that is cursorily blocked by the Opposition in a political gaming exercise.

    Meanwhile the Liberal Opposition Party hoping to gain power in the current climate of unrest, substantially support Labour’s proposed amendments to domestic migration laws seeking unfettered Ministerial powers as referred to above.

    Happy to clarify this in future posts but have covered in my tweets in Twitter @skylark100AU1


    Madeleine (@skylark100AU1 Twitter)

    Victoria Australia

  • I hope the whole world will unite and condemn mass murders... We are all but human beings..

    View online : http://wowgoldpig.com

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