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Re-kindling of ethnic cleansing in Afghanistan

Commentary by Amin Wahidi
Mohammad Amin Wahidi
Saturday 8 March 2008

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No more violence!
No more killings!
No more bloodshed!
No more unforgivable crimes!
No more suicide attacks!
We want security!
We want peace!
We want justice!
We want bread!
We want the government to protect us!

These are the cries that come from the many children, men and women, old and young, who have lost a father, a brother, a mother, a sister, son or daughter in the recent suicide blasts in Kandahar, but where are the ears to hear them?

We are sorry to hear this heart breaking news, and send condolences to the families of murdered innocents in these cruel suicide attacks. We condemn these cruel and bloodstained attacks. But even more, we regret that government officials do nothing for security. And then we feel regret for the Pashtoon leaders and politicians who have been continually supporting the Taliban, and now are being burned by their pact with devil.

The second big attack that took the lives of dozens of people in Kandahar on Sunday, February 17 happened during a dog fight that is a tribal pastime, especially among the Pashtoons of the south. In addition to the dead, news footage showed destroyed police vehicles. Why were police at a dog fight? It was revealed by a journalist in NOMA Website (Civil Movement of Afghanistan)that the fight was actually conducted by the of Kandahar police, and the dogs belonged to them.

Surely the attackers knew that the dog fight was conduced by the police and there would be many police officers in the area. Therefore they planned it precisely for that day, and killed many police officers. This was not reported by the spokesperson of The Ministry of Interior in his interview with the media, because the police and the ministry’s reputation and professionalism would be questioned.

This attack once again points out the real need and necessity for strength in Afghanistan’s security sectors, including the Ministry of Defense, Interior and the National Directorate of Security (national intelligence agency). This is not the first time such of lack of professionalism has been evident. Kabul’s five-star Serena Hotel, which hosts many foreign diplomats and VIPs was also attacked in mid-January and resulted in many casualties. This attack was also skillfully planned and executed, and shows continuing empowerment of the Taliban and their terrorist adherents.

While this was an alarm for Afghan security officials, it must have also alerted NATO and coalition forces to the need for real change in their training and support of Afghan security forces. While security is the major issue in Afghanistan, Afghan leaders and politicians ignore this fact. Instead they argue with each other about other internal issues.

The efforts of Pashtoon leaders to empower the Taliban raises the question: Why are they trying to take Afghanistan towards ethnic cleansing, or the re-Pashtoonization of Afghanistan? Isn’t this the root of Afghanistan’s quarrels and backwardness for centuries?

Clearly knowing that the terrorism doesn’t have borders, or true religious basis, or logic; that it doesn’t care about ethnicity or nation, still the government’s Pashtoon leaders plan their domination of the nation’s non-Pashtoons.

These efforts are seen through:
• the escape or release of Taliban commanders from prisons
• the appointment of a Taliban leader as a district administrator in Helmand
• ignoring or even cooperating with Taliban-fostered poppy cultivation

Afghanistan officially moving towards re-Pashtoonization process?

The issue of Parwiz Kambakhsh has not been resolved, but we are witnessing another violation of freedom of speech in Afghanistan right now. This is the punishment of a journalist for using nonPashto words in his Dari report.

Some people believe that ethnic discrimination will appear again soon. The latest series of ethnic brawls began with an episode of ethnic and language discrimination against a Dari speaking radio television reporter in Balkh province, who had used a non-Pashto word in his Dari reportage.

This angered the Minister of Information and Culture who fined and fired the reporter and two other personnel of Balkh provincial radio-television. Instead of promoting anti-culture and anti-freedom of speech actions, shouldn’t the government be concentrating on bigger issues like the failure of security , government inefficiency and corruption, financial disinvestment, and re-empowerment of the Taliban?

This latest punishment of the TV journalist by the minister is just one of many other counter-productive acts in recent months. They include putting more pressure on private televisions, not supporting the free-speech activists, supporting Shoray-e Ulama, and changing Dari names of public places Pashto. His latest action, in accord with Ministry of Communication is the filtering of Dari blogs in Afghanistan by Afghan Telecom Company internet service provider. This action supports the assertion that a fundamentalist Pashtoonization has increasing governmental support.

  • by Amin Wahidi
  • edited by Robert Maier

Part 1 of a 3 part series... to be continued soon.

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Forum posts

  • copy from an Afghan forum
    QUOTE (Taj @ Feb 12 2008, 09:39 PM)


    1.) The Jedi Code of Ethics featured in Star Wars was plagarized from the tenents of Pashtunwali.

    2.) They say Blood is Thicker than Water ; but Pashtoon Blood is Thicker than molten lead.

    3.)The Character Wolverine from the Comic Book "The X-Men" was actually loosely based on Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s Early Childhood.

    4.)If performed at the precise moment when all Planets in the solar system are in linear alignment with each other; a Pashtoon man and a woman mating can create a ripple in space-time so that Electro-Weak and Strong Intranuclear forces will collapse into each other during which the Universe will reach a critical mass and under go infinite compression to Zero Point gravity, Ushering in the cosmologically postulated "Big Crunch".

    5.) Adam was made of clay and most Humans are descended from the union of Adam and Eve . However, Pashtoons were made from the Union of Radioactive isotopes formed during the Birth of a Neutron Star

    6.)The liquid metal Terminator featured in the movie Terminator 2 Judgment Day; was composed of a rare substance extracted from the hemoglobin of a Pashtoon.

    7.)If by some chance Pashtoons were to decide to no longer inhabit Planet Earth, then the planet Earth would go insane and then in a fit of depression, spin off of it’s axis and hurl itself towards the Sun in order to commit suicide.

    8.) Since Pashtoons are said to be descended from the Hebrews; and Albert Einstein was Hebrew , this means Albert Einstein was Pashtoon. Thus Pashtoons discovered the Theory of Relativity.

    9.) If only one Pashtoon lived in Afghanistan, they’d still be the majorty. Why? because by weight of comparison , 1 Pashtoon is equivalent to 1 X 10^60 Non-Pashtoons.

    10.) If a Pashtoon stares at you , you will turn into a pillar of salt.
    If you stare at a Pashtoon , you will turn into a voluptuously beautiful woman who’s sole purpose for existence is to satiate the Pashtoon man’s desires

    • Dear Editor of Kabul Press?

      We are a group of Afghans looking for the Afghan war criminals who are living in Europe under different identity. A large number of Afghan warlordes, murderers and criminals come to Europe in past 20 years and simply changed their names in order to obtained European identity. It is about time we bring these criminals to justice.

      At the moment we are looking for any information about General Khodaidad (now a British citizen) who come to the UK in late 1990’s and claimed asylum. We know he changed his name to Hazara and he changed his date of birth in order to obtain asylum in the UK. He told the UK authorities that he was an innocent Afghan civilian war victim and he was beaten up by the Taliban.

      We have some information about his activities in early 1990’s when he was an army General fighting with the Russians and massacred thousands innocent civilians in Panjsher valley. We also know that he become the minister of KHAD intelligence services in 1992 where he continued torturing and killing thousands innocent Afghans. There is some limited information about his activities in early 1990s when he was involved in fighting over Kabul with Mazari in Karte Sae. We desperately need some more information about this event. Specially if anyone can find information about hammering nails to the head of innocent civilians and cutting women’s breast by Mazari/Khodaidad group.(dance of death he called it)We also have limited information about his activities with Taliban where he went to Khandahar with the holy Quran in his hand and told Mullah Omar that he will be loyal servant to him and he never had any loyalty to Mazari.(there might be a connection between Khodaidad’s switching side and killing of Mazari by Taliban)

      This is the extent of our information we have so far, but in order to bring this criminal to justice we need information from his victims and witnesses. If you know anything or if you can help this cause please forward your information either to us or you can send it to Scotland-yard counter terrorism department in London.(this is their website http://www.met.police.uk/repor... ) All your information will be kept confidential and no one will know that you helped the UK authorities.

      Please pass this e-mail to your Friends and colleagues or anyone who you think can help.

      My dear Afghans, you are the one who suffered under these warlords and criminals, now is your turn to fight back and bring them to justice. Khodaidad is not the first nor he will be last, not long ago Zardad was sentenced to life in the UK for crimes he committed against Afghans. We need your help and information so we can bring to justice this notorious killer. Any information about Taliban members living in Europe will also be welcomed.

      With Kind Regards

      Afghan War Criminals Hunters

    • Amin Wahidi and all the Hazara administrators of this Pashtun hating website...please stop the Pashtun bashing. The following paragraph is a cheap shot and it only shows a lack of class and the ignorance that has kept you at the bottom of the social strata in Afghanistan.

      The efforts of Pashtoon leaders to empower the Taliban raises the question: Why are they trying to take Afghanistan towards ethnic cleansing, or the re-Pashtoonization of Afghanistan? Isn’t this the root of Afghanistan’s quarrels and backwardness for centuries?

      The above paragraph and another one about dogfights in southern Afghanistan being a pastime of the Pashtuns is derogatory and downright despicable. You know that dogfights are practiced by all ethnic groups in Afghanistan.

      Your portrayal of Pashtuns in a negative light only shows your insecurity and weakness as an ethnic group. You should thank the founding fathers of Afghanistan for allowing you to settle and prosper in the land of the Afghans. Stop your whining and bitching and do something positive and be a catalyst for change for all ethnic groups not just your own. I will leave you with a poem by the great Rabindranath Tagore which may sow the seeds of love and nationhood in your people.

      Where The Mind is Without Fear

      Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
      Where knowledge is free
      Where the world has not been broken up into fragments
      By narrow domestic walls
      Where words come out from the depth of truth
      Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection
      Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way
      Into the dreary desert sand of dead habit
      Where the mind is led forward by thee
      Into ever-widening thought and action
      Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake

      Rabindranath Tagore

    • Karim Khalili is sitting pretty next to Karzai, you should start there and while you are at it get Fahim, Dostum, Rabbani, Sayaf, Gailani, Mojadidi, Ismail Khan, Ahmad Zia Masoud, all the Karzais, former Khalqis and Parchamis and all the Sitamis. That would wipe the slate clean and then we can go after Pakistan and all the bogeymen hiding over there. Go get em cowboys, my prayers are with you.

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