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Al-Qaeda Takes Control of the Official Website of the Afghanistan National Security Council; Can the Karzai Government Really Secure Its People?

Kamran Mir Hazar
Friday 2 March 2012

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When the Taliban controls an Afghan government website, it is like controlling a district. Neither the Afghanistan National Army and nor the national police can gain access. However, the Talibanization of the government by Karzai is almost complete and the Taliban are well organized inside Afghan security forces. But this is not news.

For more than 24 hours Al-Qaeda operatives have controlled the official website of "Afghanistan National Security Council," led by Hamid Karzai. A hacker took control of the website and published an index page containing a message in support of Al-Qaeda and against Christians, Jews, and Shiites. It also displayed a photograph of Bin Laden. In the background an Arabic song supporting Jihad played.
The official Afghan government website, according to the E-government program, must be under control of the Afghanistan Ministry of Communication and Information. The head of this ministry is Mr. Amirzai Sangin, who normally contracts such projects to companies with whom he has a personal relationship.

One of these companies is "Grand Technology Resources." This company currently has three contracts with Afghan government:

Afghanistan National Data Center

National Identification Document (eNID)

AFMIS Datacenter

The " National Identification Document (eNID)" is a very interesting project. E-NIDs will be in two languages, Pashtu and English and not in Dari, which is the native language of over 20 million Afghanistanis. In Afghanistan, non-Pashtuns such as Tajiks, Balochs, Turkic Hazaras, Uzbek, Turkmen, Aymaq and Qizilbash do not call themselves "Afghan." This term is primarily for Pashtuns. In e-NIDs, the ethnicity of all people will be categorized as “Afghan.”

The Afghan government has used this term to promote the incorrect view that Pashtuns are the majority ethnicity, and if non-Afghans criticize it, they will be accused of anti-nationalism.

Here is the website that was controlled for24 hours by Al-Qaeda: http://www.nsc.gov.af/


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