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زنده باد مرده باد!

کارتونی از عتيق شاهد
چهار شنبه 26 مارچ 2008

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  • This carton could not be more relevant. Good work Ateeq Jan e Shaahed. We remember in a rally over use of our Farsi terminologies a number of norrow-minded and hateful protestors were chanting MARG BAR DAANESHGAAH or Death to university. That is a symbol how much dark sometimes the individuals can get. What is more painful however is the fact that there is high degree of sympathy within our government senior officials and Ministry of Culture and Information leadership with such a dark stand. A large mass of people think with their emotion of hate and not with their heads apparently. Or the other examples are the recent slogans of "Death to Denmark" or "Death to Holland". Funny it is and rediculous as some individuals wish death to those great nations only because one person desecrated our prophet. That is despite the fact there are millions of good human beings including muslims live there who strongly disagree with desecration, despite the fact those nations sacrifice there sons to protect us; despite the fact those countries provided refuge to thousands of our countrymen and women. What a world and what sort of mentality?! May one day wisdom, love and peace prevail! Aameen

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