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A victory for the students’ movement in Afghanistan

Monday 27 May 2013

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Kabul Press: After 8 days hunger strike against racial discrimination at Kabul University, Afghan government accepts all students’ demands.

Here is protesters statement and demand:

Students Statement from Faculty of Social Sciences, Kabul University

O People of Afghanistan! Your children are in indefinite hunger strike against discrimination and prejudice and to bring reforms in universities. Bringing reforms in universities is a national necessity. We want to put an end to our dark and sorrowful past. We sacrificed ourselves to be the starters of a green season in the dark history of our country. We want to ensure that the next generations of this "geography of sorrow" and "Hell of earth" shall not fall victims for injustice and discrimination.

We want to be the starters of a new chapter in struggle to achieve our basic and legal human rights in Afghanistan. We have began it through one of the most civilized act of disobedience - hunger strike - and want to follow our efforts in a democratic and civil atmosphere.

We wanted this movement to be an identity of the civil society and it be recognized as such.

Those who have attempted to and still try to interpret this movement and label it as an ethnical, sectarian or ideological movement are traitors to the national interest of this land and further paves way for the enemy of our beloved country.

We believe that only universities and healthy education can help in bringing a bright future for our nation. And bringing reform in university system is the key to success in that path. Universities must be protected from discrimination, violence, totalitarianism and ignorance. Universities must be a place for our scientists and educated, not an instrument for political, ethnical and sectarian goals in dividing us. We want the leaders from all ethnic groups to persuade the children of Afghanistan, from every ethnic group and religious sect to sit under one roof and study together.

Sisters and brothers, we request you to continue your support in our movement as you have in the past. Support the struggle for justice carried on by your hungry and thirsty children. We will not end our strike until the moment that the government meets our civil and legal demands. We ask you and all the media, poets and writers, civil society and human rights activists, members of the police and security organizations, to be with us and support us in our rightful demands.

Long live to the people of Afghanistan!

Bring reform for a better education system, free from injustices and prejudice or we die from this hunger strike.

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