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Trial of Afghan journalist facing death sentence delayed fourth time

Kabul High Court a mockery of modern justice says brother
Robert Maier
Monday 16 June 2008

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The fourth trial of journalist Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh scheduled for Sunday, June 15, was delayed again by the judges in the case. Medical evidence has been submitted showing Kambakhsh was tortured during interrogations at the Balkh provincial jail, nevertheless the judges delayed the trial.

Yakub Kambakhsh, older brother of Parwez, and a noted journalist himself said, “Now we have found out that there is no impartial court in Afghanistan, even in the capital. Yesterday showed that all the judges are the enemy of Parwez. They are not real judges. They acted as prosecutors and investigators who wanted to make Parwez confess to a crime. The international community thinks that it is spending millions of dollars to reform the Afghan judicial system, and they think they have done a lot. Unfortunately they have just changed the tables, microphones, and the other furnishings of the courtroom, but not knowledge of the judicial process. Yesterday’s trial was a visible example. It was the same as the Balkh court but in the open. It is terrible when judges act as prejudiced prosecutors. Why does the international community support this kind of justice?”

Yakub continued, “The decision of the judges yesterday was clear. They didn’t try to understand the case. They were just trying to find Parwez guilty. We moved the case to Kabul so an independent court would hear it, but there is no difference from Mazar-i-Sharif. And the position of the Afghan leadership, even with all pressure from international community, is still not clear. It seems like everyone wants to just kill time and make a Taliban style decision.”

“All Afghan journalists are concerned about this and request your full support,” concluded Yakub, who can be reached on his mobile phone in Kabul at +93 798 008807.

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  • Dear Afghans

    We are a team of Afghans who are looking for Afghan war criminals who are living in Europe. A large number of Afghan warlordes, murderers, criminals come to Europe in past 20 years and simply changed their names and obtained European identity. It is about time we bring these criminals to justice.

    At the moment we are looking for any information about General Khodaidad who come to the UK in late 1990’s and claimed asylum. We know he changed his name to Hazara and we also know that he changed his date of birth in order to obtain asylum in the UK. He told the UK authorities that he was an innocent Afghan war victim and he was beaten up by the Taliban.

    We have some information about his activities in early 1990’s when he was a General fighting with the Russians, we also know that he become the minister of KHAD intelligence services with the Mujaheedin. There is some limited information about his activities in early

    1990 when he was involved in fighting over Kabul with Mazari in Karte Sae. We desperately need some more information about this event. Specially if anyone can find information about hammering nails to people’s head and cutting women’s breast by Mazari/Khodaidad group.(dance of death)We also have limited information about his activities with Taliban where he went to Khandahar with the holy Quran and told Mullah Omar that he will be loyal to him and serve as one of his commanders.

    This is the extent of our information, but in order to bring him to justice we need information from the victims and witnesses. If you know anything please forward it to us or you can send it to Scotland-yard counter terrorism department in London.(this is their website http://www.met.police.uk/repor... ) All your information will be kept confidential and no one will know that you helped the UK authorities.

    Please pass this e-mail to your Friends and colleagues or anyone who you think can help.

    My dear Afghans, you are the one who suffered under these warlords and criminals, now is your turn to fight back and bring these criminals to justice. Khodaidad is not the first nor he is the last one, not long ago Zardad was sentenced to life in the UK for crimes he committed against Afghans. We need your help and information so we can send all these criminals where they belong. Any information about Taliban members living in Europe will also be welcomed.

    With Kind Regards

    Afghan War Criminals Hunters

    • General Khodaidad is minister of anti narcotics of Afghanistan in kabul right now there alot of evidence against him i dont know why the world cammunity doesnt not put him in prosecution. He should be brough to justice.Even right now he have 3 homes one in karte 3 the second one in kargha and one in microyane. if president karzai think that he is not currupt he should investigate his income or if not he had killed alot of people what about that he is clearly a criminal and should be brought to justice for all the crime he commits ....

      Please please brothers forward all the evidence so we can take this coward criminal to court of law.

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