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Adelaide Vigil in Memory of Farkhunda and 31 Kidnapped Hazaras

Saturday 28 March 2015, by Kazim Darwish

A candlelight vigil titled, Adelaide Vigil, Justice for Farkhunda held on Friday March 27 on Elder Park, Adelaide city. More than hundred Afghanistanis and Australian attended the vigil night in support of justice for Farkhunda.

Farkhunda, a 27 year- old Afghanistani woman who was falsely accused of burning Quran, attacked by angry mob of people on Thursday evening 19th of March in Kabul, Afghanistan. Farkhunda’s death shocked the whole country as well as the world. Protests and candlelight vigils in her memories are organised throughout the world.

The vigil night in Adelaide started by lighting the candles, and then followed by speeches from representative of different organisations, community leader and heads of student associations.

“I think of the life she could have lead, the difference she could have made. I wish that we weren’t gathering here in her memory, but instead to celebrate her in life”, said Kate Elizabeth, manager of Welcome Centre in Adelaide, in her speech.

“I’m afraid of giving birth to another child in this society”, was an article of prominent poet Shukrea Erfani; read by Razia Ali.

Presidents of student associations Dave Gulzari and Ali Zafar also condemned this incident in the strongest terms of possible. They described this incident as barbaric, inhuman and asked the government of Afghanistan to prevent the other injustices happening around the country including the 31 innocent Hazara men kidnapped.

The Adelaide demonstrators carried the placards were read, “I am Farkhunda”, “Justice For Farkhunda” and “Bring Back 31 Kidnapped Hazaras”.

Though the weather was getting cold and everyone was shivering, the people stood up with patience to show solidarity against this inhuman incident.

Yunus Noori a community leader was the last speaker. He referred to United Nation Humans Rights’ act, which says, all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. He said, “I believe Farkhunda is the victim of ignorant and discrimination as well as 31 innocent Hazara men are the victim of ignorant and religious bigotry”. He also expressed his concerns that, “ it is nearly two months, 31 Hazaras are being abducted because of their race and religious believes; but we could hardly see a serious action form the government”.

The vigil night ended up with a moment of silence then, followed up by a tragic song of Lala o Barg by Arash Bariz a prominent Afghanistani signer, which brought many people into tears. The candles summed to the stage and Farkhunda’s framed photo was glowing among the flowers and candlelights.

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Home > English > Human Rights > Adelaide Vigil in Memory of Farkhunda and 31 Kidnapped Hazaras

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