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U.S. Deal with Pashtun Taliban, What about Non-Pashtuns?

Kamran Mir Hazar
Sunday 18 August 2019

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While the Pashtun representative of the U.S. government Zalmay Khalilzad is dealing with Pashtun Taliban, non-Pashtuns are concerned about their security. The Hazara, Uzbeks, Tajiks and other non-Pashtuns think the U.S. deal with terrorists put their life in great danger, and Taliban war against them is not avoidable. That is why one of the discussions among non-Pashtuns are to prepare for long-term self-defense in the next term of the war of Taliban and other terrorist groups founded among Pashtun tribes.
Non-Pashtuns particularly the Hazara have suffered genocide, forced migration, and systematic discrimination in the hands of Pashtun fundamentalists and government. Pashtun totalitarianism that was established at the end of the 19th century, and modernized in the next decades have killed, injured and displaced millions of non-Pashtuns.
The U.S. deal with Pashtun Taliban is now raising the idea of Khorasan, Hazaristan, and Turkestan of Non-Pashtuns. If the U.S. cannot guarantee the safety of non-Pashtuns and is defeated like the Vietnam war, then the only solution would be a federal system or partition.

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