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Mullahs increase threats against Parwiz

Urge quick execution as international outcry foils their plans

Tuesday 29 January 2008, by Robert Maier

Religious scholars in the two provinces of Parwan and Takhar on Sunday supported the court decision of awarding death sentence to Balkh journalist suspected of blasphemy.Six days back a court in northern Balkh province sentenced Parviz Kambaskhsh a third-year student of journalism faculty in northern Balkh province for publishing articles said to be blasphemous and insulting to Islam.

In a gathering in Takhar province the Ulema called on the appeal court to execute the decision of the court.Maulavi Ghulam Rabbani Rahmani head of the Takhar Ulema council said: "we want the government and courts to execute the court verdict on Kambakhsh as soon as possible." He told a gathering of over hundred clerics in Taluqan. He warned the government would come across serious reaction of the people if it releases the journalist.

By the same token, a cleric gathering in Parwans capital Charikar province stressed the need for implementation of the court verdict for the young journalist. Maulavi Muhammad Asif one of the Ulema here said: "anyone disrespecting holy Quran and the prophet of Allah is intolerable and should be condemned to death." Government should enforce the court decision before coming under pressure from international community.

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Home > English > Freedom of Speech > Mullahs increase threats against Parwiz

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