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سه دختر نوجوان و یک زن پناهجوی افغانستانی در دانمارک دست به خودکشی زدند!

28 دسامبر 2012, 02:00, توسط BAD BOY

First it has to be establishe who are these women
according to my knowledge all four of them wer hazaras , who were not obviously satisfied with hazara men and were looking for deferent flaver
otherwise why attempt to kill themslfs, just because they be returned to thier country
Every body knows , that it,s perfectly safe for hazaras to live in afghanistan and they are doing quite well
Secondly if the host country immigration authority refused to accept them
how is that the falt of the pushtoon
i thought hazara could not get any more stupid than they already were
they think pushtoon are rulling the world
these hazara people give bad name to afghan every where by doing stupid things
i think they should be band from going abroad and interior ministry should stop issuing them pasport
some of my iranians freinds told me about hazaras behavier in iran and it was realy embarassing

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