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27 جنوری 2013, 21:37, توسط hhhhhhhhhh

It is an open secret that Hazara,s leaders spying for iran and work for Iran interest at the expence of Afghanistan, All Afghan Politician know that,but Amrullah Saleh was the only man brave and shrewd enough to state that openly and i wholeheartedly congratulate him for not shying away from the truth.
Ever since the arrival on International community and NATO forcess into Afghanistan, The Hazaras have been playing double game. 1
From one side they have very close relation with Iran but from the other hand many Hazaras converted into christianity and promoting homosexuallity to demonstrate that they are pro- western
I personally think that while Hazars have many gays and christians, their main loyality lays with Iranians,and that,s why they are so sensitive when their relation with iranian spy agencies are questioned

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