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جنایت و غارت کوچی های پشتون از ناهور آغاز شد!

10 می 2013, 19:46, توسط pkhtun

Whoever insults Kochis should face a dead like on the pictures above, which I love to see.. I do hope so and pray for each of Hazara to face such a deador who ever says a Pashtun is lahnati. As long as you talk like that, I will be happy for each dead of a hazara and will celebrate it with a big beer. As long as you guys hate Pashtuns, I will provide US 500 monthly for stupid Taliban. As long as you guys do not come with arguments and logic, I will celebrate even the dead of your children and any hazara around the world. even if I love hazaragi girls, as they are really beautiful. Therefor be reasonable and try to learn and forget your hazaragi bullshit.

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