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1 آگوست 2008, 00:28, توسط ahmadkabulistani@yahoo.com

If we make compare between the FREEDOM OF PRESS during the democracy decade (1342-1352) and now, it’s a lot of differences , because the gov. of Dr.Yousof,Maiwandwal,Etemadi,Dr.Zahir and Mosa Shafiq respected a lot the Freedom of Press and mostly not doing any wrong with the runners of Free Press members, now after almost 40 years, under Karzai leadership in the 21st century, their in Afghanistan(Chooristan) a lot of presure going on on Freedom of Press. From Hamid Karzai dectatorship rolling and his full of corrupted team, they are enemy of Freedom of Press and not believe on Freedom of Press too. If this corrupted gov. not change, this presure on Freedom of Press going on from bad to worse

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