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جهان تیغ را از گلوی آزادی بيان در افغانستان بردارد

14 فبروری 2010, 01:05, توسط اپریل

well i am in Quarantine by mir hazar for non writhing any thing in Dari ...lol... i like this . any way late talk about news paper and those have hand in withing . sir . no one have right to writhe any things about personal matter of same on in he is news paper . if you want to open mind and sole of your citizen by this art please do not attack religion of people and respect your people culture and life style . with abusing or disrespecting of other nation believing or trust , you cant gain any thing but lose . if your going o political war against your government , please chose the right channel for it . i no need to go to detail of your complain about governmental system ,

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