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2 آگوست 2007, 15:25, توسط Balkhi

Dearest Kamran Mirhazar
Salams! Sorry that I have not got access to Farsi software here, so have to write in English, pardon me for it

I strongly believe that the Kabulpress needs to maintain its openness in reflecting the visitors contributions and comments. Afterall that is one of the main features making Kabulpress so different to others. There was quite a few webpages acting as open and loyal to freedom of expression e.g. benawa.com who had to re-locate themselves in the corner of darkness after finding out that they can no longer resist the power of truth expressed freely by readers. I beg you let us carry on watching the real face of political gangs who luck the power of reasoning and chose to use DASHNAM as their only way forwards. If you really have a big problem with letting bad words appear in your site, then I suggest you replace them with a sign or a replacement word each representing a specific degree of that DASHNAM. You may also need to develop and publish a guide for viewers on how you use the replacement words for DASHNAMS and what does each represent. Dear Mirhazar I really wish the dear Kabulpress to carry on daunting the gangs who know no reason, only by their own words.

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