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تخریب آبدات تاریخی و آثار باستانی منطقۀ اندخوی توسط محمد گل مهمند

25 دسامبر 2010, 17:01, توسط Farhekhta Heravi

Aqai Payenda Mohamemd (Mehran Mohed

Dear Brother Mohed

I completely agree with you on what you have said on that well known fascist Azam Sistani but you should understand that you are at fault with Siasang e Grangsang. As a Herati Tajik - I really love and respect Mr Siasang. He is a Great Man and a great writer

I dont think any Tajik who has an awakended CONSCIENCE will agree with you about your views on Great Siasang

I can remember once you have upseted our great scholar Khowaja Basher Ahmed Ansari and now you disrespet Siasang Saheb

I really feel sorry for what you have stated here on Siasang saheb which has truly its roots on your MISS UNDERSTANDING on Siasang e Gransang

I do apologise Siasang saheb for your miss udnerstanding

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