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Hazara Youths Take Active Rule in Australian Society

Tuesday 31 July 2012

A Group of six motivated and smart Hazara young boys take active role in Victoria Youth Parliament in Victoria Australia.
Melbourne Youth Group was among 20 eager teams debated on numerous issues.
Wahid Omid, Essan Qadami, Sabra Husinpoor, Mustafa Hashimi, Sher Safari and Mohammad Rezayee were the participants members of Victoria youth Parliament.

AT parliament house a diverse range of issues were debated. The bill prepared by Melbourne Youth group was titled Increasing Accessibility to Victoria’s Tourism and Retail Industry was passed. A range of National and global issues were discussed in Adjournment Debates.

Wahid Omid addressed his speech to Julia Gilard the prime minister of Australia and talked about ongoing ethnic cleansing in Quetta city of Pakistan and Asked the Prime Minister and International society to put diplomatic pressure on Pakistani government to stop the genocide of Hazaras in Pakistan.

Essan Qadami Brought a story of a young Hazara Asylum seeker, who come to Australia by boat and what he have been through, in his Adjournment Debate.

In an after dinner speech, in YMCA camp, Wahid Omid Talked about asylum seekers, and why they leave the country for a safe place, to young MPs:” all Hazara asylum seekers who comes to Australia and seek protection here are prosecuted by Taliban and other terrorist and extremist groups.”

He also explained the reason why people don’t wait in Indonesia with other refugees and stay on the queue:” the queue is imaginary and does not exist, people have been waiting for up to 10 years in Indonesia to be settled in 3th country and the applications in UNHCR office is processed randomly not by turn.”

This after dinner speech made a big change in the way people were thinking about Asylum seekers and on the next Adjournment debate many of the young MPs debated about Welcoming Asylum Seekers in Society.

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Home > English > Afghanistan News > Hazara Youths Take Active Rule in Australian Society

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