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کودکان و طالبان آدمکش

کارتونی از عتيق شاهد
جمعه 28 مارچ 2008

زمان خواندن: (تعداد واژه ها: )


  • The taliban do not have any more options to use they are sending children for sucide bombing,they saying allot of lies about ehier progress etc
    For example if the wind is blowing hard the speacher of Taliban Zabiullah mujahid claiming we did it if the theives are killing the police on high way he claims our taliban did it
    The taliban calims they are muslim but to reach to the power how many mosques were burned by them how many quran torched by them the people of Afghanistan know them they can not change thier colors by the name os islam and so on they are just a banch of Panjabies, wahabies and criminals arabs want to see afghanistan allways slave country under the fake name of islam.


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