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صفحه نخست > ببينيد و بشنويد > يک کودک 7 ساله افغان بدست پوليس پاکستان کشته شد!

يک کودک 7 ساله افغان بدست پوليس پاکستان کشته شد!

فقر و بالارفتن قيمت مواد غذايی بسيآری از خانواده ها را مجبور کرده تا کودکان خود را به پاکستان بفرستند.
دوشنبه 5 می 2008

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  • Whos is going to ask about this poor child Karzai the son of Panjabies? for sure not as he grow up in the hand of panjabis with is talibs brother never going to dare to open his mouth against thier god fathers
    Shame on such government even can not ask the pakis government for investegation of the issue

    Fahim ludin

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  • There is only one way we can stop the destructive influence of Pakistan, otherwise they will never stop sending us bombs, bombers and brain washing our kids in their madrasas while killing our hungry children only for buying flour across the border. Yes and that only way is to mobilise tens of thousand of our brave men from North and Central Afghanistan and get them settled in the South with their families by giving them land other resources. Only these people will be able to defend us against Taliban infiltration and Pakies. We know Americans or British are not made to do this job, even if they do well today who will do it tomorrow? The main problem preventing this to happen is the tribal ignorance of Pashtons and their leaders in the government who prefer rather be defended by Americans than by their non-Pashton own citizens. This tribal ignorance and barbarism will not give us a chance for peace. ISI and Pakies will carrying on skilfully using this Pashton ignorance to weaken us further and further.

    If in the past they allowed hundred of thousand of Pashtons to settle in the North just to expand their tribal influence, why in this very difficult times of war and aggression they cannot allow our brave Uzbek, Hazara and Tajik warriors to settle in the South for the most needed purpose of blocking Taliban infiltration. Only these non-Pashton fighters can deal with Taliban; unfortunately the local Pashton men dont seem to have much problem with Taliban. The fact that we did not witness a single indigenous rebellion against the Taliban from the south is a convincing evidence that relying on them to stand for their nation and government is fruitless and will always prove disappointing.

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