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زندگی در کنار بودا!

زندگی مادر جوان با کودکانش در يک مغاره
شنبه 12 جولای 2008

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عکس از بصیر سیرت

Photo by Basir Seerat

A young mother with her children live in a cave near the giant Buddha statues in Bamyan.

اين عکس با اجازه رسمی دفتر سازمان ملل در افغانستان در کابل پرس نشر شده است

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  • people become victims between fundamentalists and capitalists.
    there are no people rights in Afghanistan,it is not even in the world.
    That is not to change the situation, but those who live in hunger and those who have received damage from the power of countries and extremists.

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  • comrade Basir Seerat! the picture to show your feelings about your people and your country.
    I hope you’ll send more such pictures to Kabulpress. the picture is really important to me to people who live in the tub house today in Bamyan.
    where in the house lived people 3000 years ago also more.
    for such a long time they see no change in their lives!.

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