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Ten facts about so-called country Afghanistan

Saturday 27 January 2018

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1. Taliban and other terrorist groups raised among Pashtun tribes act as military arm of Pashtunism, and their main policy is to invade non-Pashtuns’ land. Their popular slogan is Tajiks to Tajikistan, Uzbek to Uzbekistan, Turkmen to Turkmenistan and Hazara to goristan/graveyard.

2. It is over a century of war in so-called country Afghanistan, but the western politicians and media like to say four decades, since the Soviet invasion.

3. Pashtun dictator Abdurrahman has signed the Durand line agreement to accepted this line as the official border of so-called country Afghanistan and British-India (Pakistan) in 1983. This happened after genocide of the Hazara and Nuristanis. Pashtun tribes do not recognize this border now, and at the same time they respect Abdurrahman as he could kill over 63% of the Hazara population and invade most parts of their land.

4. Selling and buying Pashtun suicide bombers is a big market in tribal areas of so-called country Afghanistan and Pakistan.

5. Pashtun tribes produce the biggest part of world’s poppy, and a big part of this drug business goes to Taliban. There is no any intention by the Pashtunist government to stop this business.

6. The Pashtunist government of Afghanistan and officials such as Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, Hanif Atmar and Mohammed Masoom Stanekzai are Taliban’s supporters based on their common ethnic affiliation.

7. The government of Afghanistan is illegal, and is the result of fraud and the US and UK interventions.

8. The story of majority and minority in Afghanistan is fake. There is no any reliable statistic nor national census.

9. Afghan and Afghanistan can not be identity and name for most people and their country. Most people have Dari as their native language, the word Afghan means cry in Dari. Awgho, Awghan or Afghan is another name for Pashtun ethnic group.

10. Many people believe in Partition of so-called country Afghanistan or a federal system.

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