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Cancellation of Peace Talks With Taliban Is Good News for Our People

Shamsuddin Mohammadi
Sunday 8 September 2019

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I hope sometimes later US President announce military operations against Taliban as of the only solution.

It was almost about ten months that US and Taliban peace negotiators were bargaining on peace dealing in Qatari city of Doha.

Recently both parties reached a relatively agreement. Taliban leaders were negotiating in Doha but their fighters were launching offensive attacks in all around Afghanistan and killing so many innocent people till to strengthen their bargaining position with the US peace negotiator Mr. Zalmay Khalilzad.

Last week Taliban group carried out a vehicle bomb attack in Kabul and killed one American soldier including 11 Afghan civilians.

Couple of days ago in a article (US peace talk with Taliban is Talibanization of Afghanistan) I insisted that America is Talibanizing Afghanistan with such peace talk process and giving this group global identity while during peace negotiations they continued their massive attacks and telling that their fighters will continue to fight till presence of an outsider’s soldier in the country. It is common that during peace talk there should be a ceasefire. But Taliban clearly rejected ceasefire during ongoing negotiations.

Anyhow, It’s obvious for all that peace is good and we all want peace. But the US peace talk process with Taliban was fundamentally wrong from very beginning. Every day media were broadcasting about peace negotiations of US and Taliban. The Taliban’s strong position in the peace talk process.

Exactly this kind of ’peace talk process’ created concerns for the people of Afghanistan. It was a secret negotiations between both parties while Afghanistan government was not part of these talks to discuss serious issues on behalf of our people and our country.

"US and Taliban reached an agreement in principle " Zalmay Khalilzad told in an interview few days ago. But today Mr. Donald Trump ’called off US peace talk with Taliban through a Tweet announcement.

It was a good news for Afghan people and for the government of Afghanistan.
Taliban groups are the enemy of our people and surely no one can stop their links with Al-Qaeda Network and other regional terrorist groups who are providing safe havens in Afghanistan and arranging attacks from our country. The only solution to put an end to Afghanistan’s war is military operations against this terrorist group and strengthening Afghan security entities. The global community should continue their support toward Afghan people and to government of Afghanistan.

Soft diplomacy doesn’t work with Taliban who have deep ideological ties with many terrorists groups. Those who jeopardizing global security and killing innocent people in any part of the world required hard diplomacy ( milatory operations).

My deep thanks to Mr. Donald Trump who stopped Afghanistan from Talibanization. I hope sometimes later US President announce military operations against Taliban as of the only solution.

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