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صفحه نخست > ببينيد و بشنويد > هنوز هزاره بودن جرم است!

هنوز هزاره بودن جرم است!

گزارش شبکه تلویزیونی CBC
چهار شنبه 19 نوامبر 2008

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  • i think the future of awghanistan is hazara.it is very good sighn that more hazara,s boys and girls are educated.new genration of hazara,s are too different then century ago.i am my self living in europe.these europian people are prosperous because of their hard working en education.i give you example ,Great britian is a country equal to Awghanistan.how is possible they ruld the hole world century ago.because these people have more educated people.secondly they are sencere to their nation.and they are not looking some one else to come help them.they belive them self .hazara should be united and to be sencere with their nation and produce more doctors engineers lawyers scintics etc the future is yours inshallah.

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  • i think this is western propaganda.the hazara,s are oldest and real people of this country(awghanistan)they releated hazara to changez this is big propaganda.i don,t know who are behind this clip.i request to hazara writers to come foreward to defend their history.

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    • I just sent an email to CBC and requested them to do more research on Hazara root as a nation because in this clip
      they introduced Hazara as Changis Khan descends which is an insult to our great nation .I think the western journalist mumbling the word that Pashton racism such as Abduhai Habibi and Hasn Kakar pout in their mouth the best book that explore and explain hazara root historically and scientifically is “Afghainatn’s Hazara” the author of which is a hazara Prof in Oxford University Dr Asker Mousavi

  • Hello Dear friends,
    The history of Hazara lies within the Afghanistan and it really doesn’t need a foreigner with not enough knowledge of the region to make such film and explain the people he/she rarely know. The Hazaras don’t need to explain themselves who they are because it is eminent in the land where they live, The Hazaras are mainly a Turkic and ancient Buddhist people who lived thousands years in this land. The truth could be found through archaeological and ancient regional dimension studies rather then quoting the much politicized and racialized pre-developed texts. Go around and witness the Buddha statues, study their tradition, the manner in which they live, the names of the places and the faces you can see. It all yields that they are Turkic and Buddhist people. you will witness hundreds of groups names Turkmen and Turkic or go and see the names of the places with Turkish names such as Qarabagh, Chahar kent etc.

    to be mentioned just like USA there were English, german and other groups merged, there was the case of somehow not more then 2 % ghengiz descendants, however, mixed with Turkic people (the ancient people of this region) not Mongolian, European, Arabs, or Israelis,

    This is really embarrassing for a reputed and governmental channel to claim they are right without much quality of concrete and systematic research.

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  • it is very important topic.sorry that i can,t write in dari.but i would ask the people of this news pepper to take my idea seriously.
    i read some historian books witten by (mosawi ,fuladi and some other one).there are three or four theories.like they linked hazara with changez.secondly a mixture of differet tribes.thirdly they linked to turkish.
    fourtly is very important.when i reach here.that the hazara people are one of the oldest tribe of afghanstan.geneticly there are 20%of hazara,s have link with changez moghoul tribe.but wat about the rest 80%.who are the ancestor of hazara,s.
    in my opinion hazara,s have more similirty with (tibit people)those people who are living in tibit(china)north india,nepal and even in kashmir.
    i am not a historian but in my reaserch that hazara,s have more similirty with them.because 2000 years ago the people who are living in central afghanistan were bodihst.the evidense showed that the people who were living in northern area,s of pakistan were bohdist.who were those people?today there are mostly pashtoon papulation.i don,t think that pashtoon were bodihst in the past.even in nanghar lived by hazara,s in the past.
    i think that our historian should take this idea seriously and go and search those people who are living in tibit(china)north india ,nepal and in some part of kashmir.
    i know that i am writting history.i hope that they can finf the answer

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  • I think, this an informative movie which reflects one of the facts existing in Afghanistan and I think that is a great help and support done by some noble people through CBC, I do agree with the ideas of my friend (Mr. Ramazan Ali) that we are not all Mongols but in my point of view the most important message of this movie is: the facts of discrimination in Afghanistan against Hazara nation and we need to support that by all possible means we have
    Therefore, I strongly believe such messages can lead a positive view of the world to the forgotten fact about Hazaras and as soon as we are well recognized by the world then we can go deeply with our root and foundation. Thanks a lot and my best regards: Rahmatullah

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    • هموطنان عزیز مخصوصا قلم به دستان خوب توجه کنید که غرب ورادیوهای غرب وتلویزیون های غرب این بار نیز به جان افغانهای بیچاره افتیده ومی خواهند باز جنگ خانمانسوز دیروزی را بین ملیت های با هم برادر کشور ما شعله ور سازند .
      غرب در راس انگلیسها وامریکا ییها همیشه پالیسی تقسیم کن تفرقه پرتو وحکومت کن را در بین مردم ترویج می نمایند .
      من مردم هزاره را دربین مردم افغانستان از بسیاری موارد مستحق می شمارم ولی در قدم اول مردمان کوچی افغانستان که نه خانه دارد نه قریه دارد نه ولایت دارد نه مکتب وشفاخانه دارد وانها در طول موجودیت افغانستان فاقد همه چیز ها بودن ومی باشندوتحت ستم ملی دایمی قرار داشتن ، هزاره خو اقلا خانه دارد ، وزیر دارد معاون رییس جمهور دارد وهمه کس دارند کوچیها چی دارند واین اشغالگران این شیادین این منافقین غربی ها چرا یک فلم از کوچی ها پر نه کرد وبه جهانیان نشان نه داد که ببیند این اطفال واین زنها به هزار ها کیلومت پیاده می روند ودرانجاها باز مردمان هزاره مانع مالداری وزندگی شان می شوند وغربی ها ازخاطری طرفداری هزاره را دارند
      که کوچی ها تحت تاثیر عیسویت نمی روند وهزاره ها عیسوی شدن ، کوچیها به اشغالگران سر تسلیم فرود نمی اورند مگر هزاره اشغالگران را سر حال وناموس مردم حاکم ساختن ، کوچی ها ازادی پسند ، استقلال پسند اند وهزاره وطن فروشان زیرا محقق وکیان خیل ها یکجا با پنجشیری ها ودوستم انگلیها وامریکایی ها را به زاری دعوت کردن وافغانستان را به دست شان تسلیم کرد . .
      ازین خاطر غرب وتلویزیون های غرب همیشه درخدمت کسانی می باشند که علیه شان هیچ چیزی نگوید ونکند ، مگر پشتونها مخصوصا کوچیها باید به هیچ وجه به غرب خاصتا دشمن
      تاریخی ما انگلیسها تسلیم نه شوند ومبارزه را تا روزی پیروزی ادامه بدهند وپاکستان وایران را نیز کمتر ازین ها قیمت نه دهند زیرا پاکستان وایران تا امروز بین ملیتها وطن ما دشمنی می اندازند .

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