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Our Nation Deserves Widespread Positive Changes, Security, Reconstruction and Freedom

An open letter from citizens of Afghanistan to Barack Obama on the upcoming Afghan presidential elections

Friday 27 February 2009

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Knowing Dr. Ramazan Bashardoost and considering his background, we, the undersigned people of Afghanistan, consider him to be the best choice for the presidency of Afghanistan. He is popular with the Afghan people, has sufficient knowledge of their problems, displays great kindness and is very well-educated. In addition, he is capable of not only bringing crucial positive changes but also taking necessary measures to eliminate fundamentalism and Talibanism. This includes both the Taliban who carry out violence and suicide attacks and undermine the interests of the people of Afghanistan, and the Taliban who wear neckties and provide spiritual support to Taliban militants. Furthermore, Dr. Bashardoost is willing to confront warlords, human rights violators, drug smugglers, corrupt politicians and those who loot the national treasury.

In this letter, we advise Mr. Obama and his cabinet to avoid the traps of fundamentalists, drug smugglers, and those necktie-wearing Taliban who were involved in the creation of the corrupt and tyrannical government of Hamed Karzai. These people and are currently campaigning for the presidency by lying and criticizing Hamed Karzai’s government. We call for Mr. Obama to do his best to see that sound and democratic presidential elections are held, according to the will of the majority of the Afghan people.

Our Nation Deserves Widespread Positive Changes, Security, Reconstruction, and Freedom .

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Home > English > Our Nation Deserves Widespread Positive Changes, Security, Reconstruction (...)

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