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We advocate the Low on Elimination of Violence against Women

Declaration of women’s Giant Congregation on International day
Thursday 15 March 2012

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Daikundi, the most central and mountainous province of Afghanistan has got very poor connective roads to its neighboring provinces and also to Kabul. Besides, lack of standard roads connecting Nili, the central district to other districts; shortage of health facilities and professional health staff in the province, highly qualitative and quantitative problems in Education, and high rates of violence against women caused we, the women of Daikundi to gather together once more in 8th of March to express our demands and needs and ask all the authorized state and none state sections including the government of Afghanistan, embassies, World Community, donors, and organizations advocating women and human rights to focus their attentions more seriously on the needs of the women of Daikundi.

Therefore we Afghan women today with complete awareness in this huge congregation here to mark our voice and solidarities to all women from each and every corner of the world to say hugely and loudly to stop violence against women, we declare that those knowingly or unknowingly violating the greatness of women and subjecting us to violence, we declaring to warn them that it is enough, stop it!

We want the elimination of violence against women, whatever or however it’s reasoned to achieve this dream. We are one voice with all women worldwide. In spite of this we want from justice and judicial bodies to seriously implement the Law on Elimination Violence against women. And we call needs of Afghan’s Women actually desire of Daikundi Women in 10 articles as followings:

1- We women of Daikundi want independent, territorial integrity, Security and stability in Afghanistan and in spite of this support form Strategic Pact between Republic Islamic of Afghanistan and United State of America.

2- we women of Daikundi want that the women rights be acquainted with and on the basis of international declaration of human rights and international declaration on elimination of violence against women, and the declaration of the Committee on the elimination of discrimination Against women (CEDAW) and in accordance with the constitutional law of Afghanistan and in accordance with the holly religion Islam, we want from the new government that the women rights under the outlined principals has to be measured so sincerely

3- We women of Daikundi beside of our serious support from National Action plan for Women of Afghanistan, want from Central Government and all those who working on Women’s Rights to implement this action Plan and have a clear and effective planning for women in the areas of Political, Social, Economic and Cultural.

4- We women of Daikundi declare our support from the Law on Elimination of Violence against Women and want from Justice and judicial bodies to implement the Law in the cases of Violence against Women.

5- We women of Daikundi want from the government of Afghanistan to pay serious attention on the issues of Traffic of Afghan’ Women and girl and want to remove this problem from the Country.

6 - We women of Daikundi want more attention of UN communities to be defenders of women, children and human rights and want to prevent from extensive contravention of women and children rights in Afghanistan and other part of world to be eliminated.

6- We women of Daikundi ask for grand attention of government for the instruction, education and training of women and want increase of qualitative and quantitative in education in all parts of Afghanistan particularly in Daikundi province.

8 - We women of Daikundi demand for serious participation of women in political context, specifically, in key government positions and posts and want from government to take serious participation of women in political, and to increase presence of women in key posts such as being Ministers, Governors, District Governors and Mayors, …

9 - We women of Daikundi want more attention of government and UN communities for health in Afghanistan and want qualitative and quantitative health sector in all provinces in Afghanistan especially in Daikundi province which is deprived and less developed.

10 - In spite of daily increasing of violence against women in our country, We women of Daikundi want specific strategies for elimination of violence against women from UN communities and Afghanistan government.

At the end the statement is given as a guaranty to the judiciary and juridical system, UN Women, UNAMA Human Right Unit, Afghanistan Independent Human Right Commission and Ministry of Women and for serious implementation of this resolution.

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