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Worldwide Hazara Solidarity Day: Let’s Make October 1st a Historical Event

Monday 22 September 2014, by admin

Hazara People International Network invites Hazaras and their supporters from all over the world, to participate vastly in October 1st Worldwide Hazara Solidarity Day gatherings in their city of residence so that their voices would be heard better.

With the help of hundreds of thousands of Hazaras’ around the world, in a few years, Hazara People International Network has been able to bring together all Hazaras for the celebration of October 1st as Worldwide Hazara Solidarity Day and change it into an occasion through which the voices of Hazaras would be heard by International Community at least once a year.

Thus, for this year’s event, Hazara People International Network together with Deedenow Cinema Production Afghanistan plans to make a documentary out of video footages that will be sent from the events to us by the people around the world.

When completed, this documentary will be sent to international film festivals around the world as a testimony to Hazaras struggles not only for their survival from violence and fundamentalism, but also a testimony for their promotion of peaceful demonstrations and organization of democratic campaign in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Europe, Australia and North America for defending Human Rights.

Through this announcement would like to ask the organizers of the October 1st event in different countries to make videos as well as interviews during the demonstrations.

We would also like to remind that for a better final result of the videos, it is important to have professional cameramen if possible, or at least to have professional or semi professional cameras with HD quality for the recording of the events.

We would highly recommend a vast use of smart-phone cameras for videos that are used in social-networks.

Video footages can be sent on DVDs to the address of Hazara People International Network by contacting its personnel or editor-in-chives.

Click here for the Persian version
Join Us for the October 1st Worldwide Hazara Solidarity Day
Let the others know about it!


For those who want to send videos of October 1st to Hazara People International Network please contact with emails: aminwahidi gmail.com, br.ahang gmail.com & info hazarapeople.com

View online : http://www.hazarapeople.com/2014/09...

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Home > English > Afghanistan News > Worldwide Hazara Solidarity Day: Let’s Make October 1st a Historical (...)

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