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ديدگاه ها درباره ی پاکستان

پنج شنبه 29 مارچ 2007

زمان خواندن: (تعداد واژه ها: )

ديدگاه هايتان را درباره ی اوضاع داخلی پاکستان و همچنين پاکستان در منطقه و جهان و همسايه با افغانستان، در بخش پاکستان بنويسيد. کابل پرس با راه اندازی بخش های پاکستان و ايران، می خواهد فضای عمومی کار خود را با همان شيوه ی خبری، تحليلی و انتقادی گسترش دهد. کابل پرس به زبان انگليسی و پرتگالی نيز امکانی است برای گسترش يک کار آزاد از افغانستان عزيز روی شبکه ی جهانی وب.

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  • Only we can say it was big mistake that pakistan was indpendent and now Paksitan is like a cancer which will grow in the body of this planet will effect the wholl world.
    If we see 9/11 Madrid bombing or London metro sucide bombing all had links in Pakistan

    Islam in pakistan is totally changed from it is right way totally gone to the wrong way as we see the machine of suicide bombers producing bombers for killing innocent people which is known by every body it is not allowed in islam but no one in Pakistan raise his voice to tell to the poeple it is not in islam to blow up your self and kill others.
    I wish one day the Pakistan to be washed from the face of this world
    with regards
    ikhlas wardak
    ikhlas2004 yahoo.com

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    • برادر اخلاص من با شما همنظر هستم . دقیقا پاکستان یک سرطان نه به کشور ما بلکه به تمام جامعه بین امللی است. این کشور از بدو ایجاد همیشه سعی بر ان داشته تا نا ارامی را در کشور های همسایه و در صورت توانش به بیرون ازین محدوده ترویج کند.
      کشوریکه دلیل ایجادش دین بود ه انهم دینی که میشه برای رسیدن به اهدافش دست به جهاد میزند چیزی بهتز ارین نمیتواند باشد.
      متاسفانه که افغان ها همیشه بازیچه این افریته شده و از انها به حیث هیزم دوزخ استفاده میکند . گاهی گلبدین و گاهی عمر یک چشم و گاهی هم کسی دیگری

      آنلاين بنگريد : http://بادر

    • پاکستان نه بکله مردارستان خطاب کن... زیرا اگر پاکستان میبود اول در آن اضافه از 80 نوع اسلام نمیبود (اسلام ما الحمدلله یگانه است اما در این کشور سرطانی بیش از دها نوع اسلام وجود دارد بگونه مثال وهابی،اخوانی،پنج پیری و غیره وغیره)

      و دیگر اینکه چهره های منحوس پنجابی شان سیاه مانند ذغال و از دنیا گشته نمیبود...

      این کشور لعین با داشتن رهبران که بدون از نوکر بودن به باداران خویش و رقصیدن به دول آنها چیزی دیگری را تصور کرده نمیتوانند، یک کشوریست ناسور به همه بشریت و جهان...

      ای کاش خداوند انرا از نقشه دنیا بزودی غایب نماید!

      همه بگویید..... آآآآآآآآآآآمیــــــــــــــــــــــــن

      احمد از کابل

  • The world must know about pakistan this country is the main creature of terorests around the world even Pakistan has given safe heaven to Osama and leader of the Taleban and the ISI provides ammunitions and logistics support to the Taleban and all terorests recieves thier support by ISI

    While I was visiting Kabul in 1998 I have seen with my eyes the city of Kabul was full from Panjabis and Pakistan’s Army personel the embassy of Cuba was the head quaters of them which is located next to the share now park in the time Kabul city was like a city of goasts and biggers every where children and women were bigging and the Taleban were only by name but the power was in the hand of ISI. Being in Afghan I feel embarsed with such people like taleban they do not know about islam at all they are just a banch of uneducated blind and cruel people which was created by ISI to acheive their goals

    If we see the action of Taleban is there any sign of Islam not at all the taleban are worser then comunists the taleban are the enemy of our mother land enemy of our calture enemy of our development enemy of our children stoping them from going to school so who is behind them it is clear Pakistan.

    Dear brothers and sisters let us be united against this enemy this enemy is just using our uneducated afghans and name of islam if we see to the city of pakistan all kind of thing you can see for example the hotels are full of prostitutes different kind of alchols etc why this hero of islam not doing jahad there only we are the one who should pay high price for nothing even our islam is much better then them our people are much more clean and good muslim then them but our children dies our people dies becasue of fake islam of Pakis let us see General Hamid gul who was head of ISI directly recrueting sucided bombers and sending to afghanistan he call it jahad but next to him in Lahor there is a big market of Prostitution why he is not going to start jahad there?
    Gul Mohammed Pashtoon Yaar from Kandahar

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  • yes i am agree with my brothers and sister pakistan is a clear form of governmental terorizm and islamic aschool there are just training the teroristand i think it is a policy for pakis to make disorder in AFG if you have a short look to the ex_presidens in pak ALI BOTO_BENAZIR BOTO_ZIA OL HAGH _and now MOSHARRAF all were and are soporting the Taliban this countriy is realy dangerous for peace process in the word if i dont make mistake or exagerate 70 percent of problem s in AFG is blonging to PAKISTAN FROM AMMAR MASSHAD AMMAR_REZAI2000YAHOO.COM

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