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بازار کابل

عکس از نسيم فکرت
يكشنبه 16 دسامبر 2007

زمان خواندن: (تعداد واژه ها: )


در حاليکه افغانستان برای تجليل عيد سعيد اضحی آمادگی می گيرد، بازارهای کابل مملو از مشتری ها اند.


په داسی حال کښی چی افغانستان د لوی نيکمرغه اختر لپاره تياری نيسی، د کابل ښار بازارونه د پيرودنکو څخه ډک دی.

اشاره: اين عکس با اجازه ی رسمی دفتر نمايندگی سازمان ملل در کابل، در سايت کابل پرس نشر می شود و تمام حقوق آن متعلق به اين نهاد می باشد.

واژه های کلیدی


  • 19th December 2007

    / I remembered before for responsible person www.kabulpress.org , the kabulpress must not write the titles of articles or/and afew sentences in Pashto/Pakhto then take up in Persian Language because this action is disrespect for Persian Speaking people ; and is not good for Persian Language. If the liable persons in kabulpress interest too much in Pakhto , they may open special windoe for "Pakhto-Course i kabulpress " . Every body if has interest ,she/he will participate in " Pakhto-Course kabulpress. "

    Kabulpress may not force people to learn Pashto. Kabulpress can print the articles which people wrote in Tulkish , Pakhto , Blochi and other languages.

    If responsible persons in kabulpress for fear that Pakhto-Speaking and Persian-Speaking F.B.I. mafia agents not arrest them ,do this incorrect and ugly job, it is a wrong opinion.
    A liable reporter or writer does not treachery for her/his people to escape from hazard and danger.

    In the - World Alamanac and Book of the Fact 2008 - in page 744 is written : " Afghanistan population 31,889,923 ,
    Ehnic Groups : Pashtun 42% , Tajik 27% , Hazara 9% , Uzbek 9% ,sunnite 80%, shiite 19% " ISBN - 13:978-1-60057-072-8 , printed New York, New York -USA

    On the other side not liable Hazara reporters do propagandas
    for Pakhton-People ! In this situation the Hazara must be slaves in Khorasan-Country = (Afghan=Pakhtun+Stan(.
    shiite not Hazara are more than 19% population of Khorasan.

    How could understood ,the American the exact population :
    ! ? They counted also 923 ? Wnderful

    Mr.Khalili as the leader and representative Hazara people rub the shoulder and legs of puppet Hamid Karzai Popal-Zaayee,instead ask him ,how you know these statistics are correct.

    In site www.khawaran.com Jamayeat Islami Party in part English articles under title " Language in Afghanistan " by writers : Mayzam Nasari and Mohammed Tamim alleged : " ... while Pashto ,a trible language spoken by minority 35% ..." Jamayeat Islami Party , how know and according to which statistics wrote and say such laughable allegation
    From where found the people Mr. Burhaneddin Rabani this statistic ? The people of Mr. B. Rabani encourage the fascist and ignorant leaders and writers of Pakhtun=Afghan race with such allegations to resist in them wrong opinion.

    If we accept this allegation ,we must accept also other allegations that gave the puppet government for International Organizations; and Khorasan-Country does not need a scientific census as consequence of this allegation.

    Thank You - Fascism and ugly New York -USA -ta_lash yahoo.com

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  • my dear friend accept my regards
    i read your comments three times but to be honest every time i read it i got more confused, please write either in Dari or Pashtoo. learn a language before you speak it. as far as i underestood your criticism was on language therefore if someone is criticising something they should have a good knowledge of of that thing otherwise it would be concidered a waste of time of thoes who read it

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