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AIHRC grave concern about armed conflict between Kochies and native inhabitants of Behsood district of Maidan Wardak

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission
Saturday 22 May 2010

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The AIHRC expresses its grave concern about the negligence of the government in
resolving the problem of Kochies, and reoccurrence of the armed conflict between
Kochies and native inhabitants of Behsood district of Maidan Wardak province that has
resulted in the killing, injury and displacement of a number of inhabitants of the said

Considering the need for maintaining of security, peace and legality which are the
precondition for the realization of justice, ensuring of democracy and guarantee for
human rights, unfortunately the reoccurrence and continuation of this problem has a
detrimental impact on the enjoyment of human rights by the people including the right to
life, security, education, political participation and enjoyment of sound environment.

Highlighting the importance of the issue the AIHRC has constantly emphasized the need
for and urgent, fundamental and fair solution of the issue of Kochies through its press
releases and annual reports to Afghanistan government and international societies.

Urgent, fundamental and fair solution of Kochies problem based on the laws effective in
the country particularly Article 14 of the Afghan Constitution is both a social need and a
government obligation. The relevant state organs and entities should not neglect ensuring
security, safety of people’s life and property, addressing of disputes and legal resolution
of the incidents that are the components of the government’s major obligation and duties.

The AIHRC while expressing its deepest regret and concern over the reoccurrence of the
conflict that resulted in the casualties, injuries and displacement of inhabitants of
Behsood district, calls on the government of Afghanistan to take urgent and effective
measures to stop conflict and violence, prevent human tragic events, address the situation
of IDPS, verify the losses and insure restitution and seek legal and fair ways for a
fundamental and permanent resolution of this problem and insure the rights of native
inhabitants and Kocheis based on the Afghan Constitution.

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