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Maidan Wardak: Terrorists Enjoy Governor’s Hospitality

Kabul Press - News
Monday 23 September 2019

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Kabul Press?: Terrorists including Taliban and Kochi-Taliban are freely moving around Maidan Wardak, blocking roads, looting passengers and abducting them with no concern, as they have the full support of governor Abdul Yamin Muzaffaruddin. Now, terrorists have control over two districts of the province and have 55-60 checkpoints. In recent years, they could freely attack Hazara populated areas of Maidan Wardak including Behsud and Dai-Mirdad, loot Hazara home and force them to flee. The government of both Ghani Ahmadzai and Karzai are/were supporting the attackers as they share the same ethnic background, and Taliban and Kochi-Taliban are considered as the military arm of Pashtuns.
The governor Abdul Yamin Muzaffaruddin is a member of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s terrorist group. Hekmatyar is known as Butcher of Kabul and one of the most well-known war criminals with close ties to Pashtun politician Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. Both are from Ghilzai tribe and have high ambitions to Pashtunize so-called country Afghanistan either with misleading international community about the multi-ethnic fact or committing war crimes as Hekmatyar committed in last decades.
On the other side, people who are victims of terrorist attacks on their way from Hazaristan including Bamyan and Daykundi to Kabul, have organized a self-defense movement under the command of Alipoor. Anti-Terrorist commander Alipoor was a simple driver, but also a witness of terrorist attacks on unarmed passengers. After several peaceful demonstrations asking the governments to stop killing Hazara passengers and facing the ignore of the government, Alipoor and many other Hazara decided to bring security in their own hands.
Self-defense movement under the command of Alipoor could defeat the Taliban and Kochi-Taliban attacks, and bring security to most part of the province. But on the other side, terrorists are enjoying the hospitality of the governor Abdul Yamin Muzaffaruddin. Close to the governor’s office they are free to have checkpoints, loot passengers, abduct and kill them. One of their most recent victims was well-know Hazara human rights defender Abdul Samad Amiri. Pashtun Taliban kidnapped him first, and then they beheaded him.
As Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai has no hope to gain the support of non-Pashtuns in the upcoming presidential election, he is releasing the rest of captured Taliban and tries to win their support by promising them the capture of anti-terrorist commanders including Alipoor.

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